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  1. blueyesurfer


    You're Gorgeous!
  2. blueyesurfer

    New here can i have some advice please

    Try a salicylic acid peel to improve texture. It's eliminated indented scars that were a year old, but didn't help my older ones. Put it on at night. I use the one by skin laboratory and also use the glycolic acid one for collagen production after the first peel flakes the skin off. This is also done at night. I don't wash the salicylic acid off because it gets absorbed deep in the skin. The glycolic peel I wash off cause it stays on top of the skin. They both sting in different ways, so be awar
  3. blueyesurfer

    After 5 dermarolls

    You're never going to get %100. I've never seen anyone without %100 reduction to their normal skin. I'd say you have %50-%75 mid way through your cheek. The sharper box car scars on your face look softer. I saw a girl on the beach with scars like yours last weekend at the bay and guys were still all over her. I know how you feel though cause I go through the same thing when looking at myself that close everyday.
  4. blueyesurfer


    Looks like ice pick scarring, but they are small. If you are picking the white heads off. Then stop.
  5. blueyesurfer

    Acne Scars and Nutrition/Holistic Methods

    With age it starts to migrate on your chest, arms, and back. I started getting acne at 22 and it went from my chin to now my chest and it was only mild on my face, but very severe on my chest right now. Probably due to the fact I'm growing more chest hair at this age. Niacin No Flush is doing wonders for my inflammation and is clearing my skin. I'm %98 clear on my face and about %50 clear on my chest right now.
  6. blueyesurfer

    Great Acne Treatment; the Best, actually

    Yeah take it before you eat breakfast. You'll be in a fasted state. That's when I take my vitamins and I'm a natural bodybuilder.
  7. I have acne and acne scars. I've never had bad acne, but I have psoriasis so it makes me prone to scarring. Some days it really kills me and makes me feel horrible. It seems like I keep getting more scarring out of nowhere when I really don't have anything on my face. Girls still tell me I'm hot, but I can't even stand looking at myself in the mirror let alone a tinted car window.
  8. blueyesurfer

    Name YOur Facial Cleanser

    Desert Essence - Tea tree Oil
  9. blueyesurfer


    you're so gorgeous, I'm in Love =P
  10. I wouldn't even get the surgery. Those are really minor and they actually give you character.
  11. blueyesurfer

    Week One

    You're so cute <3
  12. blueyesurfer

    COULD IT BE?!!

    I'm a personal trainer and bodybuilder. I take anabolic innovations STOKED. It's a Trans-Resveratrol with a couple ingredients that make it easily absorbed. I wondered why my skin was clearing up. Then I stumbled along this thread tonight.
  13. blueyesurfer

    Im done... Going to End it!

    Thank you Dr. Summer Young for not prescribing me accutane because you didn't think I needed it. Now I have a face and neck +back and chest full of acne scarring that keeps getting worse. I can't take the fact that she wouldn't give it to me at 16. I'm 25 now and think about it everyday. I was a guy all the girls always looked at. Girls still like me, but I feel so ugly when I look at my self. No FUCKING TREATMENTS are going to work. People are just wasting time and money. Been on this board
  14. blueyesurfer

    Im done... Going to End it!

    Thanks everyone. I'm not trying to be a douche bag posting this topic. Been taking a lot of Vitamin B5 and it tends to make me nuts and depressed. I totally forgot it does that to me. Being a Mixed Martial Artist doesn't help as well with my aggression. I've had two friends in MMA commit suicide, so it is a reality with the sport.
  15. blueyesurfer

    Im done... Going to End it!

    I'm really tripping and I've never been like this before. My skin is much worse than my pics now... before it was just my chin now my whole face looks like that!
  16. blueyesurfer

    Demarcation line and general color difference...

    Looks good please keep me posted. How much did it cost?
  17. blueyesurfer

    after some strenuous lifting

    Go on bodybuilding. com this is an acne website...
  18. blueyesurfer

    Profractional laser

    Can't get to page two for some reason
  19. blueyesurfer

    Before TCA peel my bad right side

    How old are you?
  20. blueyesurfer

    Fraxel in Socal

    Anyone know of a reputable doctor who does fraxel in socal?
  21. I always asked my dermatologists for accutane and they would never prescribe me the drug. I never had acne real bad but the thing is I scar after every zit. I'm talking every zit since I have psorasis. It depresses me often eventhough my skin looks great on camera. I avoid lighting conditions that makes my scarring visble to others. I'm trying to look for a good doctor in southern california. I know they are out there, but nobody on this board has really posted about good docs in CA.
  22. blueyesurfer

    scar pics on phone cam

    I think you're hott nice jawline...perfect eyebrows
  23. blueyesurfer

    fraxel laser

    Any pictures of progress, not enough people do it.. I say document your treament... to give others hope.
  24. blueyesurfer


    Dont mean to be rude but this thread is for SCARS... Not active acne..
  25. blueyesurfer

    Other side

    Thats enlarged pores... u want to see scars look at my gallery