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  1. It maybe coincidence, but since ive started smoking weed regularly, my acne has cleared up more...but it probably has more to do with how i use the regimen...how cool would it be though if smoking weed cleared skin???
  2. I would not want to be a woman, but after seeing that movie thirteen you guys were talking about, I hope i never have a daughter! not that i dont love women but to be a father and having your thirteen year old daughter running around on whippets, acid, and pills on sunset blvd with a bunch of 20 year old men is unnerving to me!
  3. Backes1335


    Trying out Dan's Regimen
  4. I got the same bumps that you have during the summer when i ump baseball; my mask causes them, the doctor told me it was acne mechanica; he gave me Retin A for this; it got rid of it but then the stuff ruined my face and ive been fighting acne all over my face because of it...if you go to the doctor, refuse retin A for this...
  5. It has to be the moisterizer, because i used a ton of dans Bp gel and it goes on clear with noresidue at all...im using 10% stuff right now till my order comes in, and that leaves a white residue, but usually my moisterizer takes care of it.
  6. HuDatt, i have some erthro and was wondering the same thing if you can use it with the regimen...can you tell me how you do it?? do you still do the regimen with it?
  7. Theres no way that alcohol makes you break out; I can tell you for a fact that the reason that it took me so long to get the regimen to work was because i would get drunk thursdays, fridays, and saturdays and all those nights I would usually be too drunk to do the evening regimen...my new years resolution is to do the regimen before i start drinking...its sad i know
  8. I find that my acne gets worse in the winter; it might be from when i play hockey in the winter and my mask irratates my skin. I find in the summer that the more sun i get the more clear my skin gets.