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  1. What we really want to know is, in your opinion will Vitamin C at the doses that you mentioned, help acne? If so, how and too what degree? Regards, JB
  2. One could say they are rather clever. They used their initiative, and picked up on something that appeared to work before others did. If this is true, my bet is that they patented it, before they even tested it properly. I do know what you saying about fooling the US Patent Office for essentially an simple B vitamin that's widely, but more importantly cheaply availble all over the world but they probably hinting that other ingredients coupled with this B vitamin 'cure' acne. Even still --> cr
  3. Hi, I am looking for some advice and support from you guys Basically, heres the problem.... I have this psychological problem whereby I am extremely concious of my skin when actually it's not that bad. It just has a few red marks on both cheeks and fairly dull looking but other than that. Nothing major. So much so that I hardly pull up my blind in my room AT ALL because if I do, I unconciously look at my face everytime I walk past the mirror. The amusing thing is (if there can be on regardi
  4. Hi, I am writing to ask for advice. I suffer from peeling lips (which is most definitely not helped by the fact that I sometimes bite the excess skin off - but I really can't help it). As far as I am aware, peeling lips is a sign of lack of water - dehydration, however I ensure each day that I drink more than 2 litres, surely this they cannot be the cause? I don't know what to do. Any advice?
  5. Yeaaah, like I suggested above, I really think this could help, not only to find common links and highlight patterns, but it would prove valuable to all as I am a great believer that you can't fight acne if you are physcologically in the wrong. Another point to take into consideration, if we could get 'Dan' to agree and participate in this then I think once the results have been gathered and complied into some from of thread or webpage, it would be good to allow us (the members of this fantast
  6. Before I begin answering the questions below, I must say, this is exactly what I think needs to happen on a larger scale (like thousands) with much more detail (no offence too yours). In theory, if everyone were to answer it correctly and true-fully you would (after a lot of analysis) be able to identify patterns or trends that appear from the results. This then could be used to identify causes as well as factors that contribute to acne. I must say, if you were to add more questions or detail in
  7. To be quite frank, the fact that you spent several minutes of your life writing that in an attempt to 'help and support' people suffering from this vile condition, shows your severe lack of intelligence. Furthermore, capitals in the thread title and description, indicate you either genuinely have something that you think could potentially assist in fighting acne or your crying out for attention and in actual fact it's just a failed attempt to waste valuable moments of out time reading your pat
  8. Hi - Firstly, this is not another 'Does masturbation cause acne?' thread, because to be frank, i've seen enough of them.. However, I was wondering whether anything has been determined by the people that have taken part in a 'restriction' period on this board? I really would like to see if I could restrict myself and go 2-3weeks without, however, every time I try, I fail. I've always thought, and been told that I have good willpower, but with this, it's like something else takes over and I ca
  9. Hi I don't mean to discourage you, however I highly doubt that routine will in turn produce many benefits, however, I suppose its worth a go. Personally, drinking over 2 litres of water each day (just have a litre bottle on table/desk and sip away) is more beneficial. Eating basic foods (fish, meat, fruit, veg, grains) also appears to help me, but the most important thing is to AVOID SUGAR. Sugar is like poison in my eyes. You would be surprised how many products contain sugar these days... too
  10. Hi- Firstly, have you several Candida symptoms? (Google them!) If you have quite a few, I would recommend a anti Candida diet for a few weeks (If your unsure what is permitted on this diet, Google!) In addition to the diet, I would also recommend you use a more traditional anti fungal supplement rather than a prescription one that may carry side effects... I personally used 'Castor bean oil' ( Undecylenic acid). Dosage really does depend on the severity of your symptoms (once you have determi
  11. I was prescribed this as well. I found it to be effective. I only use it when SD is at its worse and it does seem to help. For the first two weeks, I would apply it a night only. I certainly would not apply it in the morning as it has a hyrdocortisone steroid in it and when mixed with daylight/sunlight cause a red rash to appear. It really terms of helping SD...cutting down on sugary foods (chocolate, biscuits) etc.. defo helped me and my SD/Acne Hope this helps
  12. Not for me. Recently I tried 2-4 sugary fruits per daily, mainly bananas and started breaking out again. That may have something to do with your sensitivity I believe. Try taking chromium supplements. Helped me. 200mcg 2x daily. Regard,
  13. Great thread ^^ I never used to eat any fruit. Like, NONE. Then I discovered a smoothie maker Wack a load of fruit in there, (love blueberry's/grapes) mix it up, add an ice cube of two and pour about 400ml of 'Tropicana Multivitamin' juice in there (which coincidently is packed full of vitamins, check it out) and drink that every day! Brilliant for skin! I am a bit worried about sugar content..although the benefits of eating these fruits outweigh the negative impact of sugar?? Regards,
  14. Totally agree with post above. However there is still some caffeine (although not as much as coffee) therefore, they may be a chance that that 'cancels-out' as such the supposed benefits (soothing, sleep inducing etc) Regards,