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  1. I'm on Day 7 and my acne is drying up! The Azelaic Acid has helped with the redness. I have gotten 2 new large cyst type pimples on my chin but that's also due to my time of the month. Other than those 2 cyst I’ve gotten zero new pimples. I’m not sure if it’s the Spiro or the dairy free diet but I’m seeing a difference. It’s not significant but every day I see my skin getting a little bit better. I’m having trouble finding dairy free foods at the regular Wal-Mart/HEB grocery stores so I’m goin
  2. Thanks! I hadn't really thought about the nutrients I would be losing. I will get some posture d Have you seen a big improvement with your diet change?
  3. After some research I’m trying a dairy free diet to help control my acne . I'm also taking Spiro 100 mg a day, ortho tri cyclen, and using Azelaic Acid Finacea 15% morning and night. To be honest at this point I would try pretty much anything. The research I’ve read says that the acne causing hormones are in all milk products so I'm are completing cutting out dairy. No milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, chocolate ect. It’s going to be hard but if it clears my acne I can live without it. Toda
  4. With the Spiro I haven't seen a huge difference in my skin but I have had to go to the restroom a lot! I’m a small girl 5’2 ½ and 100 lbs so I can’t really afford to lose the water weight. It def helped taking the full dosage at night. It actually made me sleep better than usual. Also after some research I’m trying a dairy free diet to help with acne & my wonderful husband is doing it with me. The research I’ve read says that the acne causing hormones are in all milk products so we are
  5. Yes 5 rounds! And the worst part is that they wanted to put me on it AGAIN! Since I'm married now and thinking of having children in the next couple of years I decided against it. I see people saying how hard it is to get accutane but these doctors just seem to reccomend it fo rme each time I go. It did clear me up each time but within 6 months the acne always came back I guess I'm just one of the unlucky ones that it doesn't work for. I did 6-8 months of treatment each time with anywhere from
  6. texasgirl777

    Spiro 100 mg day

    My Spiro Experience
  7. I'm 27 and have been dealing with acne since high school. I've been on EVERYTHING! 5 rounds of accutane but it keeps coming back. My derm just put me on 100 mg of Spiro per day. I'm 5'2 100lbs and the first day I took 50mg in the morning and 50mg at night. I was so lightheaded and sick at work today that I'm going to switch to taking the full 100mg at night right before bed with food. I've also switched from Nuvaring to Ortho. I wash my face with Dermatological and use Azelaic acid 15% 2x per da
  8. Sounds like Closed Comedone acne My derm say's it's the hardest to get rid of. He recently gave me epiduo but it broke me out like crazy. He also suggested I get weekly facials to have them extracted but anytime I've ever messed with them they turn into a big red pimple so I don't want to take the chance. I know they are annoying but they are alot better than having cyst or pimples all over your face.
  9. I have this too. It's the worst on my forehead and chin. Mine go away and the winter and then they come back with a vengence in the summer. My derm just gave me Finacea and i'm praying it works this things are such a pain!!!
  10. texasgirl777

    Closed Comedone Acne

    I moved to Houston and my skins been terrible ever since. My Dr. put me back on Spiro and I'm taking 40mg a day.
  11. Hey Everybody I have the worst seasonal acne. Every year around March-June I start breaking out. It's so frustrating because in the winter months my skin is practically flawless. Then the humidity comes and I start getting closed comedones everywhere and cyst's popping up Does anyone else have this summer acne problem?
  12. What treatments are you using for your skin? I just moved to Houston and my skin hates the humidity it's so annoying!
  13. Does anyone else's skin seem to breakout more in the summer?
  14. Hi RedHead, I'm also 24 and on my third week of spiro I started out at 25mg and my derm just bumped me up to 50mg. My skin's doing good overall but I did breakout this past weekend I don't know if it's from going to a higher dosage or b/c it's that time of the month but I got 2 cyst on my chin one popped and is going down but the other is one of those annoying under the skin one's. I can't wait to just be clear