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  1. I get these too sometimes, when I do they are all over my cheeks or forehead or chin. It's most likely clogged pores; they will go away if I don't use makeup for a couple of days, wash my skin with gentle cleanser 3x a day (cetaphil) and apply treatment 3x a day osmosis (which has retina) and SA 2% and just let them dry out but of course my skin is dry so after they are gone I will have to moisturizer my skin heavily until my skin is back to normal. I would suggest after "popping them" to clean
  2. I agree FSAS, thank god for this board. It provides some stress relief. I have been experiencing the same thing Anta, my skin isn't horrible (it used to be much worse) but I always have 3-5 pimples, but rarely I will be completely clear. These are the days I go out on dates and hang out with friends, I have pictures up on facebook and people say I look like a model but then the acne comes back and my friends and dating gets pushed to the back burner and I just focus on school. That's my excuse,
  3. Hi, it is millia. I think I spelled that right. It's basically trapped oil. Don't try to extract them yourself, go to an esthetician. I had these as well, my esthetician extracted those that came out easily and did micro for the others and they slowly disappeared. Other things to consider, I don't know if your a boy/girl but don't use heavy foundations with oil, use oil-free moisturizer and light eye cream. : )
  4. Thanks! I will look into it. ^_^

  5. Hi Andy I know what you're going through, I have those stubborn little white head thingys too. I went to an esthetician to get out most of them out and from then on I exfoliate everyday and us clinque spot gel with 2% Salicylic Acid in it. I wouldn't use BP while using RetinA they're both strong and when used together will cause too much irritation, your doctor should have told you not to use BP with RetinA. Anywho-- I use a retinA substitute product, then I moisturizer then I get a magnif
  6. Hi, all i'm updating on this product. I started using it on june 10 it been about 6 weeks. I would stay it's comparable to RetinA micro .1% where if you use both as directed they will clear you up and keep you clear. I was on REtinA micro for over 3 years on and off. So when I switched to Osmosis clarify I thought i might have a break out, I didn't. It just continued to keep my skin clear with the added benefit of making my skin more even. It feels like real skin instead of the dry, irritated sk
  7. Hmmmm maybe, i was on orthra tri lo and i didn't help but then again I was breaking out everywhere, but seriously after my doc put me on ocella i noticed the difference in a month. I took this month off too see if my skin could be clear without the b/c NOPE! got get back on it next month my chin is a mess!
  8. I'm sorry to hear Bactrum isn't working for you when i took it worked after 2 weeks, but I didn't have cystic acne maybe Tane would be better for you sorry you derm being dumb about it. Good luck and have fun!
  9. It's been a while since I took bactrum, I don't remember the dosage but I do remember it was a prescription for 3 months at 1 pill a day. Zh17 I would call up the derms office to see how much he wants you to take and like sadd said be consistent. Good Luck I have really good results with Bactrum! Keep us up dated..
  10. You acne looks less severe than mine did when I first when to the derm and Bactrum really helped me and Retin-A micro. Would it be possible to go the derm and ask for prescription to Bactrum or Septra DS (it's an antibiotic)? Have you tried retinA micro before? I'm on Yasmin also, I've been on it for 9 months. it definitely helps with that persistent chin acne but alone I don't think I'd be clear. Is your skin oily? Dry? combo? I've been trying this moisturizer from eminence it's al natural
  11. Silmarwen, I know exactly how you feel. I didn't break out till I was 17 which happened to be my senior year of high school. Before then I had clear skin, I was beautiful and outgoing and popular. Now, I avoid social settings and withdrawn from society except for work and the occasional trip to my moms. That's it, I can't honestly say I have one friend. I know what it feels like to look in the mirror and hate what you see and I know what it feels like to struggle to love yourself. And all the
  12. Wear bright lipstick and tone down all other makeup-it looks sexy and perfect for summer!
  13. $100,000 at least. Am not shallow either there is nothing like feeling confident.
  14. Crystal Willow, I doubt she's still on Septra it's an antibiotic that typically prescribed for 3 month period.