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  1. your on the fifth week so your already through the real bad part (peeling, redness, scalyness, you know what im talking bout). in the beginning lotion or not your going to get dry. lotion dosent take away from any of its effectiveness at all. trust me my dermatolgist said this. in fact i got wayyyyy better results. the trick is to use a lotion like olay, caerave, or cetaphil thats really light and for sensitive skin. spread about a dimes worth over your face. the lotion lets the retin-a-micro sp
  2. I was skeptical when my derm first prescribed me retin-a-micro. I had some pretty gnarley acne and it was hard when you've had perfect skin all your life. I'm not posting this to be like "OMG I'M SO HAPPY. I'M FINALLY CLEAR. IT WOULD TOTALLY SUCK TO HAVE ACNE AGAIN", cause I hate post like that. People who brag about their clear skin make others feel like shit (or at least me). My skin is still far from perfect and it probably never will be, but theres no such thing as a miracle drug. I couldn't
  3. I've used it for 4 months with really good results. I've got only one active pimple on my face at the moment, but as for the actual complexion of my skin; it's not that great. I still get irritation in the form of redness. No more peeling, burning, or flaking just redness. I put on sunscreen and i use alot less then the recommended amount (i even mix it with lotion). I even skip multiple days. It eventually goes away, but as soon as use it again the redness comes back. It's not my imagination e
  4. I've been on retin-a micro for 4 months with sweet results, but still alot of irritation (I use half a pea size and mix it with lotion so i know im not using to much). I've got a tube of differin that i've used, but got impatient with the ib and quit. Would i get results with the differin if i started using it after i've got through the ib with retin a micro?
  5. I've been using retin a micro (four months) with some pretty sweet results. My skin looks and feels different (better texture, less breakouts) but i've ran into a little redness. I've stopped using it for two days. How long before breakouts start happening if i quit using to let my skin rest?
  6. alcohol breaks me out. but i have a away of getting the same effects of alcohol without the breakouts the next day. it's what me and my friends calling getting "weird". Drink redbull and smoke weed. it feels almost like a really good alcohol buzz, just a whole lot less emotional (hugging people telling them you love them one min and trying to fight people the next) Now if you like to be blurry eyed, totally shit faced, and have black outs, you're gonna have to drink.