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  1. Heres one random place that mentions it: http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Rid-the-B...&id=1082383 I really don't believe in the health benefits of excessive vitamin C(in fact it's been linked to iron and zinc deficiency), but I do remember getting diareah when I took those one gram pills, so there might be something to this cvandida die off theory. I figure that if I starve the virus for a while, while killing it off with a rediculous amount of vitamin C, I might be able to clean out an
  2. Hey guys, I'm gonna be going on a no carb diet, and doing a vitamin C flush to flush out candida. My question is: Would I whant the vitamin C that is gentle on the stomach for this, or would I whant the harsh stuff, to really be harsh on that candida? A vitamin C flush is basically when you take in huge amounts af vitamin C and get serious runny diareah. The diareah is supposed to be from the candida die off.
  3. I thought the niacin flush was what cleaned the system.
  4. Has anyone tried a probioduct where acidopholus wasn't the only strain included?
  5. hormonal fluctuations make you break out. If you adapt your body to not having orgasms, then that one orgasm you have every few weeks will break you out.
  6. Well thank you for your negative experience. A lot of the time, people post about what excites them, but when it doesn't work, they just move on and don't tell us about it.
  7. I think I'm gonna try cutting a pantethine pill, and rubbing the gel on zits.
  8. The simple act of change seems to break out acne prone people in the beginning. That doesn't mean the body wont adjust.
  9. Go to muy page and check my post. Youll see another thread similar to this one that is WAY bigger.
  10. Saw palmetto should work in theary, but you just don't hear people talking about the results they get with it. Saw palmetto should work in theary, but you just don't hear people talking about the results they get with it.
  11. Dan's tips about avoiding irritation do help somewhat.
  12. Hello friend!

    1. Well, I'm glad I didn't try b5 because I just heard about this stuff called pantethine which is suposed to be better anyway.