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  1. This year, I've become increasingly frustrated with my acne since it has started appearing more frequently in strange places - like my forearms, hands, fingers, and stomach. While in the past I put my acne concerns on the back burner, recent events have made fighting this acne a much higher priority. It's at least somewhat socially acceptable to have acne on the face - or on the back and chest - but not other weird places. It's just scary and frustrating to think that I might not have any c
  2. Please excuse me for this post, but I am so frustrated with my body acne. I am such a freak that I get acne even in weird places like my forearms, hands, and stomach. And yes, I do think that it's actual acne for reasons that I will explain later in this post. MY RANT Having weird body acne is so frustrating because I'm such a freak. Virtually nobody else gets acne in such weird places. It's at least somewhat socially acceptable to have acne on the face, back, or chest. It's frustrating
  3. Guitar89

    Arm, Hand, and Finger Acne

    These are pictures of my acne in the strangest of all places.
  4. Hi, I'm sorry to hear that your medication might be wearing off. I had the same problem with doxycycline. My doctor put me on it as a precursor to Accutane from January - February 2006. While it didn't clear up all my acne, it still worked wonders in my opinion. Then, I went on Accutane from February to August that year, and it really worked wonders for my skin - it was the clearest it'd been in three years - no joke. The best part was that I had no major side effects with Accutane either