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  1. Alright cool, thanks man! Did you have pretty severe back acne though? Cause mine is rough...
  2. Alright, a bunch of questions, feel free to answer any of the ones you have expertise on... And thanks a lot to this community cause you guys are great! So a bit of a back-story first... I had moderate facial acne going in (Several whiteheads around the mouth and dozens of small spots along the hairline) and very mild bacne (Just a few spots here and there.) After a month of 10mg, a month of 40mg and 2 months of 60mg, I find myself here. My bacne is TERRIBLE. I have tons of open soars and it
  3. Would an orange shirt be an issue? I'm guessing so... Lol, I sound like such a chick... But would that concealer stuff go over my redness without looking like makeup? But ya, thanks for the advice
  4. Alrighty, hello everybody. So I'm currently on 60mg/day of accutane (alternating between 40 and 80 each day) and have been on the stuff for around three months. Tomorrow is the last day of school, and basically a thousand pictures will be taken cause a friend of mine is switching schools for her Grade 12 year. What I'm wondering is what I should do to prep for the day. I'd like my acne to be as mild as possible... right now I have just two whiteheads next to my mouth and the rest of my face
  5. Day 28: Sorry I've been gone for awhile... You know the girl I previously mentioned that I would soon be dating? Well, today we had a chat, and due to her schedule we've had to put off dating. She says she doesn't want me to wait for her, but we'll certainly re-evaluate things later down the road. It's tough to hear, but in some ways makes sense as her schedule is ridiculously busy from now to the foreseeable future. Anyways, that's not why you've all come here. My acne has definitely take
  6. Ya, I think I might upload some pics soon... Maybe just of my neck area, cause that's where things go the craziest. Day 24: It's official; This has been my single biggest improvement from one day to the next! Seriously, all those whiteheads I've been complaining about around my mouth have all recessed and are merely tiny red bumps (some not at all noticeable.) Also, my neck is looking better, especially up to the jawline area. It's still giving me the most grief, but it looks better for su
  7. Well I'm really sorry to hear you regret it, but don't be too hard on yourself... Hopefully if you lay it out to her, she'll understand you made a mistake. Going through all this can be rough stuff! Day 23: Skip over this first paragraph if you don't want to read nastiness (The summary is Polysporin owns!) Before going to bed last night, I accidentally nicked off a healing white head that had a little blood around the edges. After knocking it off, a ton of blood came out and started drying
  8. Buddy, seriously? Snap, that's rough... Did you break up primarily because of your acne? That's really too bad, cause if you've lasted 6 months, hopefully she's into you for the right reasons. But either way, you made up your mind, so I'm guessing you made the right call! But ya, I'm really happy I have this girl, cause she honestly pretends like I don't even have acne, and was only concerned when I told her about the drug. I'm a really lucky guy and I don't take her for granted.
  9. Invertedboardin: Looks like we're in this together buddy! Please keep me posted as to how you're doing, cause it's really nice to get some encouragement/support along the way! Fingerscrossed: I really appreciate your support! I'm glad to hear things are clearing up for you, and I'm hoping I get similar results... And that study was actually a really good read, so thanks for that! Day 22: After getting out of the shower today, things were looking really, really red. I'm guessing that's bec
  10. Day 21: Honestly, I'm a pretty chill guy. But right now, I'm filled with rage as I was shown that I passed my drivers test until the tester informed me my e-brake was on for like 5 seconds at the beginning of the test. She took "evasive action" to lower it yet allowed me to continue on with the test even though it was an apparent immediate fail. I have a bad feeling my breakout is gonna be huge tomorrow from all the anger I'm feeling lol. But anyways, my acne is about the same as yesterday.
  11. Day 18-20: Alrighty, just returned home from my trip, and things were all over the place while I was out there. Friday night looked a little sketchy, but nothing too bad. Saturday (yesterday) may have been the worst day I've ever had. I had five (no joke, FIVE!) new whiteheads around the right side of my mouth. Honestly, I didn't know that five whiteheads could pop up overnight with little to no sign of them. Honestly, it was a terrible day, especially as I had to be hanging around a bunch
  12. Corey: Ya, I'm really hoping I can up my dosage to at least 20mg next time, cause 10mg for my size is a bit ridiculous to be honest... But hey, I'm starting to look a bit better than I did at the beginning, so we'll see... Day 17: So skin is looking about the same... my neck is looking red again, which is very frustrating. I applied some Vichy Normaderm as a spot treatment to the whiteheads around my mouth. I did that a few hours ago, and things already look smaller. I'm guessing it's ok as
  13. Ya, things are beginning to look bright! Day 16: Things are continuing to get smaller, though I have one new whitehead over my lip... very ugly and frustrating. The right side of my neck looked like it was about cleared about (at least in comparison to how it looked) but after getting out of the shower, it was very red. I also accidentally knocked off a large, dried white head when I was cleaning my face, and now I'm afraid it'll come back in even worse. My face is also starting to feel rea
  14. Day 15: Whiteheads are definitely shrinking, which is quite exciting. The ones around the top of my mouth are finally going away, with one of them actually completely gone (Quite exciting, as it used to be huge!) Below my mouth, things still aren't ideal. I continue to have this whitehead that seems partially raised from my skin, and I have no idea what to do with it. I hope the Accutane can heal it up in the next 5 days (School will be starting again!) My neck keeps getting better on the