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  1. walgreens alpha hydroxy face cream once a day will exfoliate nicely, i had a huge thread on it in which all users had gotten good results (myself included) but it was deleted when the board was hacked.
  2. all over parts of face where you could get acne. for instance, i never get any on my cheeks, so i dont apply it there. but even though i may not have any active pimples on my forehead, i apply it there anyway. see what im saying? i would call it a cream. definately not a wash. Dan- that sounds pretty good, but i dont think it covers everyone who could benefit from it. i thought i was getting plenty of moisterization, but still somehow there were flakes. so even though my skin was on the
  3. i just added it in, so now there are 4 steps. nothing is taken away. definately keep using the cleansing bar. if you start using the AHA cream you will see that you need less and less moisterization, but dont stop completely. keep doing all 4 steps in the right quantity to keep your skin happy.
  4. if your skin is already oily and you are exfoliating, only use moisterizer if you need it. the only part of my face that is extra oily is my nose, and if I use any moisterizer at all on it, it really just starts to SWEAT oil. play that one by ear. i would highly recommend Walgreen's Alpha Hydroxy face cream as your exfoliator.
  5. i have NO idea what happened. please dont be over cautious recommending AHA because of this, NONE of the other users have reported anything but miraculous results.
  6. after my new one is written up it will put the old one to shame
  7. so whats the verdict on a new thread? dan, almost ready to write some of this up on the main page yet?
  8. off topic- but what happened to the "sticky"s? were they deleted also?
  9. Dan, Im not sure if that is the same EXACT stuff. it would probably work well, but I cant say for sure. otherwise, why would it be larger but the same price as the tub? I would personally stick with the tub "face cream". dont worry about 'applying sparingly'. I use more AHA than bp, and 2ce a day, and my skin is nice and smooth with zero irritation (and flakes!) moose- it is a cream, not a wash.
  10. ARGGG!!! that was a great topic. the cream is generic Walgreens alpha hydroxy 8% glyclic face cream, costs $5.99. if the thread doesnt resurface, i may type up a more improved one
  11. my guess is its "milia". for me, the regimen solved all but this. when your skin isnt getting exfoliated enough, some flakes can get caught under your skin in very small, hard bumps (small enough he probably never noticed). eventually, they turn into big red pimples that can last for at least a week and BP gel has NO effect on speeding it up. if you want to learn more about treating milia, check out my thread.
  12. the regimen wont instantly stop ALL pimples, but youll see over the next few weeks that you get less and less until none. as revo said, STAY CONSISTANT. the AHA cream i mention in my thread can help speed up the healing of red marks because it exfoliates your skin more, and faster new skin= faster healing of old spots. the AHA cream will also reduce flakes, and prevent a bastard of a thing called "milia". check it out.
  13. gee, maybe my 3 page long thread regarding exfoliation and getting rid of milia might give you a clue... the very thread near the top of the page in which i refer to this product dozens of times... and in which every person who has tried it has had incredible results... not much of a detective there, eh?
  14. -i was looking for a new "treatment" to my mild pimples during the summer, and was reffered to the site by someone who said it had good info, read about the regimen on it, decided "what the hey", and the rest is history
  15. do the regimen EXACTLY as stated if you want consistant results. its no surprise that when you screw around with how the regimen is set up it isnt going to work well.