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  1. Day 99: My face is starting to look SO good. I am so happy its finally clearing up and looking awesome. I still have red marks but those are fading too with time! On top of it all, my skin is SMOOTHHHH. Im still like 10 days behind on my pills too so that actually makes me feel better. Dry skin is at a minimal. Chapped lips is a constant but thats ok. Ive had a few headaches which doesnt bother me too much. I do feel like my brain and thoughts are alil "cloudy" if that makes sense... Thats jus
  2. Well to be honest my dry skin issues have some what subsided. I mean i still notice it alil but now as bad as it was in the beginning, maybe i got used to it or maybe i need a higher dose still i dont know lol I got my doctors app on monday so we'll see what he says.
  3. Day 75: HALF WAY DONE! Wow, I cant believe Im alrdy half way through with the course, doesnt feel like its been that long at all. Well, quick update. My face is kinda random. Some days it'll look pretty damn good (not perfect, but im not disgusted when i look at it) and other days...not so much. Soooo Idk what the deal is with the medicine, Its gotta be doing something right? Over the course so far, I have missed a few pills here and there so pill wise i suppose im at day like 69 or somewhere a
  4. I weigh about 150lbs and Im taking 80mg of amnesteem/per day. I pretty much just ended my IB and im on day 52 right now. From what ive been reading some people end theirs earlier and others dont start seeing any change untill month 3 so it looks kinda random. Day 52: Every thing is going gooooood. My skin is looking pretty darn good right now *knocks on wood* Im seeing some improvement for sure. But ive kinda noticed a red rash developing on the top of my hands, anyone else experience thi
  5. Day 46 Well I havent updated in a while so I thought Id keep you guys posted. Not much has changed unfortunately. Seems likes its gunna be a real slow process. My skin hasnt been that dry at all recently. I dont know whether that a good thing or a bad thing meaning the meds arent working :/ My face get REALLY Flushed super easily, especially when im working out. I look like a tomato. The inside of my nose is super dry too. It is definitely the worst side effect so far. I have a couple actives a
  6. Quick question. For those of you on accutane, What kind of products are you using while on it? Are you still using BP or other kinds of cleansers ?
  7. When I first started on accutane my skin wasnt at its worst but it also wasnt at its best. In the pics I posted that was my skin lookin fairly well. That makes sense about your skin looking good in the morning. I just figured it had something to do hormone levels while you sleep or something lol Good luck with starting accutane in 30 days!
  8. Welcome to the boards. Hope you get the results you want! If you start the IB, dont worry too much. Itll be gone in no time then you can start seeing some real results. Make sure you keep chapstick with you!!! My lips just got dry outta no where one day. Hopefully your IB wont come before the wedding. Good luck!
  9. Thanks for the tip, i went back and picked some up. It works well, except i didnt realize how thick and greasy it was so i was hesitant to put some on while goin out. But when i got home i laid that sucker on thick, lips are still the same though. Im hoping theyll get bettter after after a couple days of keeping them greased up. Korbels- Yeah thats kinda what it is, it looks like crusy dry skin area. Its going away slowly so hopefully i dont get another one of those nasty things. JDub- So jo
  10. Im glad im not the only one that it happened to. It frustrating when people just dont have a clue, do they think we want acne? No, if it were that easy we wouldnt have it! Day 33 HELPPP. The edges of my lips are badddd. They are cracking and it hurts to to eat a sandwich! I tried looking for aquaphor at walgreens but they didnt have it! Those of u that use aquaphor, does it help with the edges of your lips? My face is actually looking better which im so excited about. Of course i still have to
  11. Where have you been? How is the progress going? I now understand what u mean by the scabs on the side of the lips, mine are kinda doin the same thing right now
  12. Day 31 Well, its been one month! Everything is still the same for the most part. I got a REALLY bad cold right now so im feelin kinda shitty My lips are still dry though, i havent had time to go try to find some aquaphor but im sure i need to. The sides of my lips are crackin everytime i open my mouth and it freakin hurts! Im pretty sure my IB is gone though! *knock on wood* Redness is still there unfortunatel. But i got my 2nd blood test back from the doc and they said everything is all go
  13. Day 27 Chapped lips are getting realll bad. There cracking and bleeding alil Dry skin isnt too bad im keeping up with putting some moisturizer on. I went to the doc two days ago so im waiting for my blood test results, they should be coming today or tomorrow. As for the skin, its looking about the same, redness isnt much better. I still got some pimples that are SLOWLY fading. Damn this thing has to hurry up