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  1. another really good substitute is xylitol, its really good and actually tastes sweet, it doesn't have that bitter after taste that some people don't like with the stevia. plus xylitol can be good for promoting good intestinal flora and stabilizing ur insulin levels.
  2. Hi Hotsun! sorry I haven't been to the site for a while so I've only just seen your comment now. How's it all going since you first wrote what you were doing? At the moment most of the time I have light acne, sometimes nothing active, then all of a sudden I can get like 5 big pimples then after a while they go away, but I have so many red marks it looks like I always have tons of acne. I've been on a zero sugar diet for about three months now, for the first 2 months of that i was still eatin
  3. I agree with the other posters, although I do think supplements can be useful in a lot of cases, for one example zinc is so low in vegetables these days cause if its not in the soil its not going to be in the vegetables. Of course completely depends where you live. Where I live the soil is very infertile, carrots don't even taste like carrots anymore, so I doubt very much my veg has all the nutrients I need sadly. It seems like there is a HUGE amount of vits and mins in that as with most multiv
  4. Have a look at this website its pretty good: http://facerealityacneclinic.com/img/Pore%...Skin%20Care.pdf It's listed as a 4 on a scale from 1-5, so pretty high chance it will clog your pores Use it to cook with though, its the only oil not altered by heat!
  5. I'm very sure my acne is related to Candida, for various reasons. So I've been doing the candida diet for a few weeks now, I have already seen noticeable improvement in my skin just by the following this diet. I am definitely a believer that diet is completely related to acne, what we put into our body affects everything, from organ functions to creating hormones and everything, so problem skin is a huge sign from your body that something is wrong on the INSIDE, so listen to your bodies people!
  6. I use Delna's method, http://www.acne.org/messageboard/OMG-GUYS-THIS-t35135.html I do it in the evening after i cleanse with goat's milk soap, but any gentle cleanser will do. I do put lemon in it, about 1 squeeze of lemon in about 1 tablespoon of egg white. leave it on for 10 mins. wash of with tepid water.
  7. Only one way to find out! :) After really cracking down on my diet these last few weeks and seeing some noticeable changes in my skin I've decided I'm going to try sneak some chocolate back into my routine (when i say chocolate i mean dark organic, no added sugar or other crap) A girl gotta have some sort of pleasurable comfort food! I'm not going to pig out on it just have 2 or 3 squares a day after meal to begin with and see how it goes. I think this is the only way you can see if your c
  8. Thank you for the tips I have the confidence to try it now, and yeah I'll just experiment first before a day I don't have to go out anywhere, and all should be good. Thanks again and good luck with your regime!
  9. hey Karlee, cool to see you found something that works! I stumbled upon Delna's regime about a week ago and have been doing it the past few days, I have seen improvements in my skin tone and red marks and just over all look of my face, but nothin jaw dropping yet! But im stickin to this one. I'm interested in your experience with turmeric, I have been taking turmeric powder internally as a tea for so long now, it supposed to really cleanse your blood. I have this ayurvedic medicine book and i
  10. That's the correct math. If you don't see a dramatic difference within 2 weeks, I would stop. Just curious, what brand is that? So far, none of the brands/forms of zinc I've bought list anything on the label except the milligrams of elemental zinc. Thanks, It's Nature's Own, I don't know if this is just an Australian brand or I you have it in the US. On the back it just says Zinc amino acid chelate 220 mg equiv. to elemental zinc 22 mg. I was just wondering about this zinc theory and
  11. Hmm sounds like I'm going to have to leave my dark circles issue for another day, and focus on the acne for now, I suppose it would have been just too good to hit both those birds with one stone. But thanks for the response. Ok another question for ya Databased, I just got some amino acid chelated zinc 220 mg, but the elemental zinc amount is 22 mg. If I want to do the initial megadose of zinc, which is my plan, and want to take say 200 mg, does that mean I look at the elemental zinc part and
  12. Hi Databased, thank you for all the information you have provided, I will be starting your regimen shortly. I have started taking a one a day zinc complex that contained 25 mg of zinc and 25 mg of Vit B6 along with some other things about a week and a half ago, but after reading your post I think I will get zinc and Vit B6 as separate pills, so I can control the exact dosage I'm getting of each and do a some over dosing of zinc initially, and then get some Vit D3 as well. I don't know if I'm Vi
  13. Thanks I will check it out. What about the other ingredients besides the zinc, does anyone know about doubling those doses?
  14. Hi, I've just started taking a Zinc complex supplement that says it helps for acne on the label. I've heard though, that for zinc to help with acne you need to be taking at least 30-45 mg a day. The zinc I'm taking only has 25 mg in it and says to only take one a day. Here is the ingredient list: zinc amino acid chelate (zing 25 mg) 125 mg magnesium amino acid chelate (magnesium 2 mg) 10 mg magnesium phosphate (magnesium 8.3 mg) 40 mg pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) 25 mg retinyl pa