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  1. I'm the same with dress shoes hurting my feet. I have tonnes of flat shoes (the ballet-pump style ones) and also flat ankle boots for winter time
  2. Thank you! That's just the response I hoped I'd get And yes, I have way too many, some I haven't even worn yet, its terrible! (well, not really.)haha.
  3. So I've had a few cysts for a while now which have been flaking over and then peeling. After the peeling, I get raised bumps that still look like cysts, but the surface of them is not only red but shiny and extremely smooth. will it turn into a scar? it sucks trying to get make-up to 'stick' to the shiny bumpy bits! thanks
  4. I think i will give this ago. I have heard of doing this before, but after alot of friends recommended tea tree oil and it failed miserably I didnt feel much like trying witch hazel. but what the heck!
  5. That seems to be the case for me at the moment. I had acne from being aged 13 to about 17. I have tried various home remedies and over the counter products and have also been on the contraceptive pill specifically meant to help acne but i dont remember any of that working. This morning the ones on the left side of my face have gone down a tiny but, but are still there and i can feel all the hard stuff underneath. I think I need to drain them, but don't know how to. Theres loads of different thi
  6. Hey, I posted about a week ago about my acne itching. I have about 8 cysts altogether (they're definitely cysts, huge, itchy, red, no head, you know the ones). I also have a few smaller pimples in between. Anyway I have been taking Erythromycin for almost 3 weeks now. (18 days to be exact) & my acne seems to be getting worse! I have tried my best to leave these cysts alone. However on the left side my face is looking swollen. So swollen that my grandmother noticed today. It hurts and feels
  7. Thanks for the replies. Right now I have no idea why my skin is so dry - my guess would be that all the different products I've tried over the years have just dried it out, I had a bad reaction to benzoyl peroxide when I was 14 and my skin has never been the same. Everything just makes me break out. I even got an aloe vera moisturiser a few weeks back and this also made me break out. So at the moment I have stopped using the face washes I have been trying, and am just using water to cleanse my
  8. Okay so I just joined here today so hello! I'll try to keep this breif as possible. I started to develop severe acne when I was 13. I tried almost every over the counter product, natural remedies, prescribed remedies - the lot. Nothing worked. It eventually went away on its own when I was 17. I'm now 20. and it had come back with avengence. I have awful cysts all over my cheeks. I have been precribed an oral antibiotic which I've been taking for a week, (Erythromycin). Problem is, this is SO