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  1. I used to take it thinking I have leaky gut. I took 20g+ and all I got was a pretty bad constipation. I ended up thinking it broke me out, which I now realize was bs. You don't really need to supplement that I think. You get more than enough from protein rich foods like meat.
  2. These boards are full of bullshit, it's so easy to believe everything you read. Partly because you want to believe it. You should only go for stuff that is backed up by studies...
  3. I wanna try manuka oil for a patch of irritated skin on my face. Possibly dermatitis caused by the use of BP over a year ago. Is it wise to buy the imported stuff from the UK? Should I buy it directly from NZ? Also, there are two kinds - natural and gamma irradiated. Not sure which one to get. The gamma irradiated is meant for external use, but it sounds like some of its benefits have been removed?
  4. The liquid stuff tastes good unlike the green leaf powder. There is a guy on ebay selling nunaturals stevia on ebay in the UK. You might wanna check it out, it's not too expensive.
  5. Forget products and try holistic approaches for a while. There's a sub-forum here for that.
  6. I've tried many stevia products. The green stuff is absolutely disgusting. The best tasting I've had is nunaturals liquid vanilla stevia extract.
  7. Any other opinions? I realize that I'm not gonna get replies from mods because I bashed BP. This thing looks even worse when it's dry.
  8. Yes, I get something similar to a burning feeling when the area gets really irritated and dry. I'm really sceptical about using products on my face since they have almost always backfired on me. I'll take a look at the site you posted. I was hoping it would just vanish on its own, but I think the area has gotten even bigger and redder than before. I just remembered that once when I used AHA on that area the same thing happened but it went away pretty quickly. This time I've had it for over 2 w
  9. Does this look like dermatitis? This crap started ever since I went on Dan's regimen. Bp damaged my skin for good, my cheeks and forehead used to look like that as well a year ago. But I went off the regimen about 11 months ago, and got clean (almost) with diet and lifestyle changes. Now this? I think I aggravated it by applying pure tea tree oil to the area. I've had this before but it healed and now it's back and seems like it's not planning on going away on its own this time. I've noticed
  10. Have you considered that the protein powder you use broke you out? So easy to draw silly correlations...
  11. It's all about the calories. Check this: http://www.alanaragonblog.com/2010/01/29/t...ctose-alarmism/ Lustig failed to defend his points and handled the debate very unprofessionally. Apparently his lecture if full of bs. Summary: http://www.alanaragonblog.com/2010/02/19/a...larmism-debate/
  12. Does roasting get rid of lectins too?
  13. I'm sorry to say this but colostrum didn't work for me either. It was something else. Colostrum ended up making me more inflammatory.