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  1. I am using back soap and have used others in the past and will tell you, not all are created equal. My skin is sensitive,combination and as (since I'm here) acne prone. I know how o treat it now but still experiment, whie experienting with bs these are my findings. Nubian heritage is very moisturizing (I am more on the oily side) This soap is very gentle, leaves your soft and skin supple. I actually had a small issue with being to oily but thats probably because I mixed it with some Mary Kay p
  2. Wow I feel for this girl!! I mean I shouldn't because her perspective on life is amazing and I should be happy she doesn't see herself as a victim but wow. That's crazy!! I have a screwed up past that comes to haunt me sometimes but she's done much better with handling her issue. Maybe I should be looking at this young girl like a role model as crazy as that sounds haha.
  3. I like Mary Kays liquid foundation, that's just me personally and I'm as you can see chocolate lol. They have a mineral powder that works great for oil control and setting liquid foundation but it breaks me out. I like looking at DestinyGodley(she is near my complexion) on YouTube as well as makeupalley.com for tips. I'm a bronze 2 with Mary Kay and tried Mac once but hated how , I guess orange I looked. I wear foundation on special events sometimes so I'm not really deep into it like that.
  4. Sunscreen for sure!! Your skin is more sensitive so wait a while to exfoliate. For me personally I would use a gentle cleanser that can dry some of the oil up like the purpose bar or gentle like the Purpose liquid cleanser. (I prefer the bar for oil control and a moisturizer like Olay complete. )It's really just more sensitive to the sun for a while so sun protection is crucial and something gentle like Purpose IMO. I heard dove is great but I have no experience with it. Good luck!
  5. crayolaxskies Hey (I apologize if this question seems a bit redundant) just to be sure are you using all three steps and the sunscreen from proactiv or did you tweak it a bit? (I tweaked it a bit is why I ask lol) I used it for maybe 2 years and had beautiful skin until I moved to MS got really oily skin and cysts began to develop. Are you in a really humid environment? When I was in Philly and ironically very humid SC *hometown* I didn't get oily on it but I did in MS and proactiv stopped wo
  6. Yes unless your face has the armor of a tank lol. Lemon juice is a natural aha using both may IMO potentially cause more acne by irritating your possibly sensitive skin and drying it out more. Hope thus helps:-)
  7. LOL Thank you! That was my after pregnancy shape now i'm just skinny...boobs went back to no man's land haha.

    Anti-aging product, moisturizing, heals acne and makes acne scarring appear non-existent, It can be expensive, the fragrance may not appeal to all noses. I'm very much prone to having severe cases with zits on every inch of me but worst in my cheek area. I'm dark-skinned *chocolate LOL* but I have such sensitive skin my cheeks are red in places from inflammation. The Origins rep offered this for my skin's sensitivity, redness, acne and fine lines in my forehead. Though i'm young my skin was a bi
  8. I'm good! I was coming by really to check up on you to see how you were. Nothing much going on in my neck of the woods lol

  9. Hey gurl......whats good?

  10. Honestly sometimes it might, some people are just that damn superficial *so would you really want to work for that type*, and other times we show our insecurities in our face. We understandly so, may not exude that confidence we need to score that job. If you show enough confidence and knowledge in that position you will actually win them over, the right ones.
  11. I think if you feel comfortable enough to go back do it and make sure he understands what your trying to do. Look it up to so you don't feel like your getting BS'd either. Look up all the peels and every procedure via google to see what works best on the type of scars you have. Personally if he's that nonchalant about it, which is why I hate derm's also because they all seem to be whatever about your skin...their profession! *sorry i'm getting all heated in here LOL let me not let my past expe