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  1. Definitely seeing results, using Dan's AHA every morning. And now I am mainly using H and S on my back, but sometimes alternate with a sacrylic acid body wash (the neutrogena one). I'm not clear, but I do notice it is getting better with fewer breakouts.
  2. Not sure about that Vemma stuff, there was a post I checked out a few days ago where a guy mentioned it was completely Vemma that cleared him up from serious acne, which is really impressive. I personally don't have experience with it, however I recently started drinking Genuine Health Healthy Skin with Greens + every morning. I have noticed an improvement in my skin texture and overall feel, however no change in my acne (I have recently gotten a few more large pimples, however this may just b
  3. wow congrats, I've recently started drinking genuine health healthy skin and greens + hoping for the vitamins it provides and I can only dream of getting results as good as yours. Thanks for the tip
  4. lol to reply to my original post, I've been doing this for a little while now and have noticed some good results. Although I find my skin is very dry and itchy (with a few small rashes) but really nothing to worry about considering the results. (I would say my back has moderate to severe acne) If anyone has any information on this let me know. Thanks.
  5. I've been using H and S for my bacne for a while now (showering twice a day while using it), will it work if I use the AHA as a moisturizer for my back after I have my showers?
  6. Hey everyone, I have a few questions about what I'm experiencing on the regimin right now. First off,I have seen success on the regimin (not completely gone at all, but definitely better then when I started) however the redness and irritation around my nose specifically is really beginning to bother me. I only put about 1 pump of bp on at night, and a small portion of this on my nose, but I find this area gets really red, and I am getting small pimples on the tip and all around my nose. I did
  7. Hey, I've been on the regimin for about 3 weeks now and only use BP at night as well. I started for a few days doing it twice a day but found it irritated my skin too much. I only use a small amount of bp and only put it on the areas of my face that actually get acne but I'm sure I could start doing it in the morning again, but using it only at night works fine for me. I'm not completely clear, but I can definitely tell it's getting much better. What I do is use the cleanser, shave, and mois
  8. Hey, throughout these months where you found the acne returned or got worse in areas that it hadn't before had you been taking antibiotics? Because like you, when I went off the antibiotics my acne got much worse and I started to get acne on my forehead, where I had never had it before. This lasts for a long time too. Like I said earlier, I was on minocin for a year and now that I've been off of it for over 8 months I still get acne on my forehead.
  9. Hey man, I'm almost 21 and can relate with a lot of what you're saying in your original post. Acne is very depressing, and there are a lot of "cures" out there that don't always work long term. I have been using dan's regimin for a few weeks now and have had some really good results so far. I only cleanse, shave, and moisturize every morning while putting the bp on at night (using only about a quarter of a pump). This seems to work pretty well and makes my face feel really good (even though