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  1. I'm in the same boat bro. Dropped the carbs and like magic my acne dissapeared. I think my body was made for low carb eating. I'm not a bodybuilder but I lift weights. I've been able to keep my weight on with practically no carbs in my diet. I think I'm low carb for life.
  2. Thanks Danielle. I'm still following the diet form the first post. The only difference is that I've upped the carb intake with every meal so that I intake a total of 40g of carbs a day. I'll probably bump it up to 60g in a few weeks. The only carbs i'm eating are the slow digesting variety, with very low GI and glycemic load (lentils have a crazy low GI). I also am careful to limit my intakes of saturated fats.
  3. My skin is still looking great! I'm feeling very good as well. Still too early to declare this a success, but I am staying positive. I've attached a photo from last night. My skin is better than it has been since I was 15. I'm the asian guy on the right btw. Later today I'll post some pictures of my skin from a couple months ago before the low dose tane so you can see what my skin is usually like....
  4. Lolypolly, I understand your logic. However, I have had acne for a loooong time. I have been on two high dose courses of accutane as well as every other treatment that exists. My derm finally put me on microdose accutane. When I started this diet I was clear. I stopped the accutane for it and within 2 days my skin was terrible. I did an apple fast for three days initially then went 100% raw vegan. I had really bad bodyaches, lost a ton of weight, and my skin got worse and worse for those
  5. I tried this diet a little bit ago for about 3 weeks. I have to say it was not for me. I ate only raw fruits and veggies. My skin got much worse while I was on it and I felt terrible. That's not to say it won't work for some people.
  6. Ok, well my skin is getting better and better. No active acne and the texture is improving. I'm going to increase my carb intake to 40 grams a day and I'll probably stay at that. The only carbs I'm eating are ones with really low Glycemic Load. I am starting to become very optimistic that I have FINALLY beat this stupid disease........
  7. Another day down! My headaches have gone away and my energy levels are recovering. I lifted weights yesterday and had no strength loss with the keto diet so that's good. Also, my skin is still 100% amazingly. I'm hoping it keeps going.
  8. No news to report, my skin is still 100% right now. I hope it stays this way but we will see. My skin is clearer now than it is on microdose tane and on high dose for that matter. Still trying not to get my hopes up having been dissapointed in sooooo many treatments.
  9. Yesterday went very well. I am dog tired and have a headache due to entering ketosis though. I can say that my skin has no active breakouts right now. Even on accutane I was not fully clear, I would maybe have 2-3 pimples at a time. Of course this could all be coincidence so I'm not getting my hopes up. Today will be much of the same, I'm going to make lemon pepper chicken .
  10. Day 1 is in the books. The diet went well....did some cardio, and ate all my meals on time. Tomorrow I will be having lemon pepper shrimp for my last meal, all the others will remain the same. I also have decided to cold turkey the accutane microdose...so we'll see what happens.
  11. It look's like it's doing the business for yah Monica. I have exactly the same skin as you. I get the same scalp acne too!! I clear up quick on accutane but relapse quick, too. I have been on accutane a few times and it keeps comin back. One thing is that my back (was just like yours) cleared up for good. My face and scalp come back though. I'm trying the diet thing right now. I'll be watchin your log, and hoping you get full remission unlike me
  12. I've had acne since I was 15 and I'm now 22. It started out mild enough until I reached college at 18 and it exploded. I had the scarring cystic variant all over my face, shoulders and back. When I was twenty I went on my first course of accutane after trying a million other remedies from the dermatologist. It cleared me up very nicely. Soon after I started getting acne again, albeit a milder form. Instead of cysts, I get the papules and pustules. I went on another course of accutane and