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  1. Kat, I completely empathise with you! You really brought a tear to my eye when reading your story (and reflecting on my own pain with acne). I had moderate to severe acne from 10 years of age to my mid 30's. Was totally in bondage to OTC and prescriptive drugs. I tried everything - antibiotics, accutane, BP, retinol A, - you name it, I tried it. Though I had periods of clear skin (ie via accutane, retinol A, etc) nothing enabled me to be clear on a sustainable level. I found that after a per
  2. Raw honey (Dutchman's from WholeFoods) and for deeper cleanse, Raw, Organic Manuka Honey (Wedderspoon), UMF 15+. Keeps my pH intact and skin clear and youthful. Bottomline, keep it simple and sweet (KISS)!
  3. Late in the game, but hope your skin has cleared since your post Amanda. I too have been to TAC, and though my skin initially cleared, I eventually had to stop because even though I followed their treatment plan to a "t", my skin was turning into a real freak experiment. I had comedone, blotchy overly senstitive skin. It was just terrible! I eventually left after three years and went to yet another acne clinic in the GTA. Again, face cleared initially, but skin became overly sensitive and blemis
  4. Hi there! Anyone used Herbal Logix on a dark complexion? I am fine with my regime, but a friend of mine who has a dark complexion would like to start the product for her extra dark spots. Anyone?
  5. Hi AltaGT: 1) I do not wet my face before applying olive oil 2) I wash my face 2x/day - once (at least 10 minutes BEFORE going into the shower) I massage the oil gently into my face (at this point, you'll usually create the "grits") and I let the steam fully open my pores and then I allow the shower pressure to rinse my face; the second wash for the day, I massge again for at least 10 minutes and DO NOT rinse with water - I go straight to the toner solution. I wipe with the toner until clear (
  6. Yeah, I was one of those skeptics re olive oil cleansing. Bottom line, it works. I have been using it for several months and it is amazing!!! I had some harsh, expensive, highly reputable glycolic gel but had to chuck that and all my other stuff. Honestly, olive oil gives me an amazing, youthful glow - without the oil slick. I'll get the occasional pimple, but that is due to stress or eating something I shouldn't have (ie. dairy). I do not plan on looking back for a moment. Heres my routine: -
  7. Thanks for reply. In lesions I mean acne .
  8. Hey everyone! Just started a 50mg zinc picolinate supplement regime over a week ago. I had relatively clear skin pre-zinc, but w/n the past few days, I have had huge lesions around the hormonal (jawline) area. Has anyone had an initial break out with zinc?
  9. Hi Packer! I empathise with you, and agree that you should give chemicals a rest. From my own experience, the natural route is the best way to go. I suffered from severe acne - blackheads/whiteheads, nodual cystic lesions - the works. The following is what works for me: - lots, lots of water!!! - organic green tea (3-5 cups/day) - Bigelow is a great brand - fruits and vegetables (lots) - be careful about dairy and soya products (may have to eliminate from your diet) - omega 3 (salmon, fish