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    I live in Michigan. I'm of european blood. I love my family to death. I have severe acne and am now on accutane. I'm 17 tall brown hair blue eyes. Love meeting new people especially people who have been on, want to go on, or are on accutane i would like to help anyone who needs moral support with their acne! :]

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  1. Thanks for adding me :)

  2. hah... i hope accutane is my life savior 2!

  3. ive been on accutane since december and here are some tips to keep your hair feeling healthier -don't shampoo your hair more then 2-3 times a week your body isn't producing oil and you need to keep as much as you can in there -l'oreal professional intense repair shampoo and conditioners and also david babaii products are really good to use -leave a penny size of conditioner in ur hand and put it in your hair without washing it out hope these tips help message me for any other needs of accutan
  4. Hey everyone, i hope no one else has to suffer scaring like i do its horrible... in any kind of light you can see the crater holes in my face and still see purple scares i cry almost every time i look in a mirror im addicted to tanning and now accutane took away my only happy feeling of covering my scares with tan skin by the way "deadliest catch" i gaurentee your not a piece of shit :] if you need moral support im in a need of some to so feel free to message me
  5. I'm using accutane.. many people are against it but if you have terrible acne you should ask your dermatologist what they think about you going on it... message me if you have and questions :]
  6. Thanks for the add Emily : )

  7. Hey fellow accutane people :] I'm new to this website so i have nooooo idea how to use it lol. I began accutane on Dec 23, 2008 and am now in my third month. My acne was really severe cystic acne and it was painful and hurt and i cried almost every night. I know this sounds bad but the acne gets a lot worse when you first go on it because oil glands begin to close and get all the yucky stuff out ewwww! lol But i promise it gets better just with severe dryness lol heres some tips i find useful t