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  1. I really hope your still looking back to see if somerone replied as it has been ages now, but I will still liek to leave a reply! :) I have actually done the skin culture peel 4000 last summer! The cream really really burns when you apply it, mostly the 1st time, but then after about 20 mins it goes down and leaves a tingle sensation. but the burning feeling was really bad! But belive me, it was still tolerble. nothing thats going to make you faint So anyway, the 2nd night of applygin the
  2. lovemetal41

    IT IS THE ONLY THING THAT HAS GOT RID OF MY ACNE I HAVE HAD FOR LIKE 9 YEARS! I HAD NONE OF THE SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS! I took 40mg for 5 months and in the FIRST WEEK it totally got rid of my oily skin!!!! My skin is now completely oil free AND acne free!!!!! I would not really say these were cons but the general... -dry skin -dry bleeding lips -have to wait a few months for it to work its a miracled drug!!! goodluck with anyone going ahead with this! :)
  3. So i came ot the end of my 5 month course a few weeks ago, and TAKING ACCUTANE WAS THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE. I HAVE NOT HAD A SINGLE SPOT SINCE LIKE 3 MONTHS OMG!!!!! Im glad I done it, its improved my life so much I wish goodluck to all those who are going to go on this miracle drug!!!!!
  4. oh my god. this is exactly what im going through right now!!!!! I have also had really bad acne but now ive been on accutane its cleared but I have really bad hyperpigmentation left behind so I can't go a second without make up exept before I go to sleep as thats the only time im alone. Im in the same position as you even considering wearing makeup to sleep these days just incase i have to get up in the middle of the night for an emergency. But i always keep my foundation right next to my bed j
  5. lovemetal41

    None for me :( -It didnt work - did not lighten acne marks -it claims to lighten pigmentation in 2 weeks but it did nothing in that time for me - i used it for a month i think and it did nothing! try it, it may work for you but it did not work for me
  6. lovemetal41

    -did improve acne marks! -skin was soft afterwards -skin was GLOWING... for like one day It was at one point where my acne marks were really dark and weird even foundation would not cover them!! It was hard getting through the day so i was desperate!! I was in isoltion and began peeling in about 6 to 7 days till 12 days. After the scars did get better and I was able to cover them up woth foundation and they actually covered up nicely so I was happy but I would not say it wa
  7. wow I cannot simple believe that I have been on accutane for 4 months inly yday it felt like it was just a few days wow, its just so weird!!!!! so...so far NO MORE SPOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT A SIMPLE TEEENY WEENY PIMPLE!!!! so basically in the last...4 WEEKS i have had ONE spot in the 1st week and after that NONE!!!! I mean by this time no joke i woud have a total of like...20 or something. thats not an exagerating..!!! im so chuffed with the outcome so far... my doc sed im only going t
  8. its has been GREAT lately compared to my last enttry that huge spot I had about 3 weeks ago went and i havnt even had ONE spot every since!!!!!! my face has been spotlessfor about 2 weeks now oh my god! seriously that maybe not sound huge but it is because i would havbe literally had about 10 by now NO JOKE it was that bad!!! so im really happy with how its going right now, i still have theh red marks but oh well those i will sort out later on after accutane... I am actually spotless, i
  9. Im so sorry you have ot go through this. I have bad acne too so i had no choice but ot go on accutane ive been on it 3 months and its gotten a whole lot better! It works so fast too. Go see a derm and I think you should try accutane Hope I helped Goodluck
  10. So I can across maxipeel reviews on acne.org for red acne marks etc and the reviews seem really good with a overall rating of 3.9/5 So I did some research on this product but i cant really find any proper information on it as i read that people expericed skin peelign etc can someone who has used this product givew me some details in what happened and how they used this products? thank you so much
  11. So its one week left till i complete 3 months on 40mg. In the last few weeks ive been getting spots Yday I got a new one on my cheek under the eye part im so depressed its bug red ands it hurts, Last week I got 3 painful spots on my cheek in a row at the same time! So it hasnt been great latley ive been getting spots again. I dont really understand why but doing research ive read alot of people still get spots by month 3 and since im on such a low dose it goign to take longer to stop. I fe
  12. I have so many horrible red marks on my face cos of acne I cannot stand it its making me so depressed. Has anyone tried the zenmed scar treatment kit for red marks etc and how well did it work? Thanks =)
  13. So its been about a month since I last wrote an entry. Ive been extremely busy with end of examinations! plus theres not been much to update, well one pretty amazing thing is...I have only had 2 spots since the last time i had spots which was over a month ago! Im pretty sure they came cos there has been lots of days this month ive falen asleep with my make up on cos i have been so exhausted, so that is pretty amazing cos otherwise I would have had about 20 in the time NO JOKE! my face is NEVER E
  14. lovemetal41

    DAY 34

    not muchy more to report exept thta i am experiencing ALOT more dryness not just on my lips (which by the way does get worse by the day as most people stated) but also on my body. I developed a new rash on the back of my hand but this time the right one. my hands look weirdly dry most mornings but eucerin is really good to make them look normal again... so in terms of the breakouts, I still am getting spots unforunately but its seems to be alot less frequent.