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  1. Yeah, I agree, patience is key! Actually, I had another breakout on my chin right after this, so I guess I spoke too soon I hadn't had much breakout there at all, but I guess I'm under the gun at school right now, and that probably didn't help. But, I've seen what my face looks like when it is clear, so I'm just going to hang in there! As for the sunscreen, I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but I'm SUPER pale. I actually always wear sunscreen when I'm out in the sun (which is rar
  2. I am in agreement with the moisturizer! I actually wash my face, wait 20-30 minutes, put on moisturizer, and then put the retin-a right on top of that. and i apply moisturizer (I use the Cetaphil stuff, which is really good) in the morning after I shower/wash my face. I also only apply it every other day, because my skin is really sensitive. BUT, I have noticed that if I am consistent about the moisturizing, and using only a gentle cleanser, I am in good shape. Still think after 10 weeks that
  3. Wow- I feel like my skin has had a revolution and won! It was funny, about a week ago I woke up and looked in the mirror and realized that the texture of my skin had changed almost completely. There was an oily/shiny phase that began when I started and just continued until last Monday when my skin suddenly became normal and nice looking. My initial breakout lasted well into the 7-8th week, and my skin has been healing since then. I have not had any new major zits, and my skin just feel smoo
  4. Day 35: Update OK, so it has been a while. I've been pretty busy, so that is a good thing! It is the beginning of week 6 for me, and things are looking better. I hope. I had some bad break-outs on my forehead the last few weeks. I hope that is all over now! I have red marks on my chin and forehead from the breakouts. BUT, for the moment, I don't have any new pimples. I am kind of afraid to write about it in case I jinx it, but I'm hoping I am on the road to smooth clear skin now. I have som
  5. Intro and Day 1 ******** OK- I have had mild acne for a long time. Going on ten years? It sometimes isn't that bad, so I pretend I don't have a problem. But I'm getting to the point now (at 25) that I realize that I am probably not going to ever "grow out of it" and need to try something. When I have flare-ups, it gets me really depressed. I have super pale skin, so everything is visible. I actually went to see a dermatologist a year ago and he gave me a prescription for the retin-a micro (