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  1. 1)80 to 90% 2) rolling boxcar 3)me 4)50% 5)ebay I would like to point out my skin color is of the pale color easy to burn variety red highlights in hair ect. so that is what I am attributing most of the improved appearance too.
  2. sounds like he's neutralizing the acid because he's getting the acid outside of the center of the scar which is very easy to do expecially if your twisting the toothpick ect. you can neutralize acid with baking soda water, I dont see any problem with neutralizing it, it could be your scars are very shallow and he doesent want to go deep into the dermis.
  3. yeah when you age your scars will be more apparent, I had bad acne from age 13 to about 16 or 17 but by the time I was 18 it was pretty much gone, with no noticeable scars , but surprise the scars started showing up about 10 years after that, its strange. because there quite apparent now.
  4. the obagi blue peels are merely tca acid, no use in spending $400 for them when you can get the same deal on ebay for $10, I do think you can improve your scars with tca the superficial ones anyway, the deeper scars im still debatting that one with myself.
  5. just avoid the eye area altogether, if you get tca in your eye you will be blind for life
  6. she was probly applying tretinoin which is accutane in topical form, which the fda will not allow to be sold in the united states., Also there is probly a language translation problem there, and she may have meant her acne lesions and not scarring.
  7. yes its just swelling, I have used 50% tca on a small 2 inch patch on my forehead in my past and it had remained tomato red for months and months only recently returning to normal color. Do not under any circumstances use 50% on your entire face. the most you should use would be 25% if you need stronger you can layer it. I have also used 50% cross and recieved good results.
  8. I have also used 70% glycolic and that stuff really hurts and burns and if you leave it on over 5 minutes you will get scabs (which I did) if used as directed though it does no good for scars.
  9. Hi people, hey when you are applying tca what you are doing is creating scar tissue to , hide fill in areas of other scars if you dont know what you are doing you can permanently damage your face, and definately do not apply 50% or 100% tca with a q tip, if you are going to attempt this spend a few weeks go through the threads and study how to do it with a toothpick ect.
  10. you can buy tca and glycolic acids from chemical supply wharehouses but were talking 55 gallons drums here, Lol youd probly get a call from the fbi on that one hard telling what you could be dissolving. you can find 1oz. sizes of tca and glycolic on ebay for rediculously cheap, and 1 oz. of tca is good for like 20 full face peels, I bought 1oz of glycolic and have been using it regularly for a year and still have half left.
  11. whats that flesh eating bacteria called? You could probly get plenty of time off. quote=muggz,Aug 13 2005, 10:37 AM] haha yeah ive been running over some excuses in my head, ive come up with 'bad reaction to a sunbed' taaadaa! Anyone got any better excuses? Enox, i think im covered i have savlon antispetic cream, but not a cleanser, is a cleanser needed? i dont want to irritate the bits i do so i could go without if possible ←
  12. I guess guy's are left with the hocky mask alternative