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  1. try acid...just kidding your scars are really barely there. If you take time to look at other posts...you will see people that get serious procedures for scarring on this board. Not even just lasers....I'm talking facial surgery where they cut into your face with fine needles and other such tools...Anyway: If you really want to help your scars just don't pay attention to them and they WILL fade... I would advice a topical retinoid like Retin A or Tazorac for scars and to keep away acne in the fu
  2. HAS ANYONE USED TRETINOIN CREAM, RETIN A GEL OR CREAM, OR RET IN A MICRO, OR TAZORAC or RENOVA over a LONG Period of time? This is a serious issue and people should get to the bottom of this to know whether it actually helps. I have been on tazorac for about 7 months now and am not sure what to think.
  3. this post is informative keep it going. I had a subcision a few months ago..I think almost 3.5 months ago...rolling scar somewhat improved maybe 30-40% can't tell if improvement is diminishing but next to my rolling scar which the doc attempted to raise obviously...skin appears raised over general skin and next to it I have a line-like depressed scar that looks unnatural. Not sure if I have bad luck or am the only person that has had this...am seeking to do a dermal graft in combo with another s
  4. Here is a link I found: http://www.bukisa.com/articles/39621_home-...-for-acne-scars This basically gives a home remedy list for reducing appearance of scars. Now scars are scars and pitted scars may never completely go, maybe only with significant surgical procedures, I.e. subcision, skin graft, dermal graft, punch graft, excision, etc. And maybe lasers... However, are there ways to reduce the appearance significantly and maybe even make them better with time? Skin is a naturally changing p
  5. Shin, I am sorry to hear that... I may have something similar on my shoulders (both of them) May be more minor then yours. On my left shoulder I have a few skin like bumps that were cysts when i was on accutane...now I have these permanent raised legions that look like pimples but are just skin...some of them are skin colored and not bad and a couple are noticeable if wearing a no sleeve shirt...not Terrible though. My left cheek is pretty great overall maybe just little pin like scars a f
  6. check out surgical procedures only... meaning grafting..subcision etc... followed by a laser. Look into such procedures. Do your research.
  7. micky's right it will be a struggle...but then again he has tried lots of things for 10 years...that sounds like a struggle to me. I should ask if you have gotten any skin surgeries like subcision, TCA Cross, Dermal Graft, Punch graft, skin graft? For some reason I feel like skin grafting and dermal grafting may be the only real way to get rid of acne scars and maybe subcision...I think lasers may only help if something is done like this prior to them. Just my opinion. Either way it will def
  8. Hey Guys, I am glad to hear you guys are having such great results...if any of you were to show picture sbefore and after that would be great. Can someone post information (links) about dermaroller... and what type to purchase/website to purchase it on? I would appreciate it. Do any of you have deeper rolling scars...or deeper icepicks or jagged small type scars? How are those responding? How long between rolls? How long is your skin damaged after a roll? Let's say you do it on a frida
  9. Hi THX I am glad your improvement has gone well. Keep us updated.
  10. so what do we do? It seems like scars are just "preventing people from living" in lots of ways...: antisocial, depression, social anxiety, avoiding lighting, etc. What do we do really? I mean what really upsets me on this board is when I see someone having spent over 10K or something like that to get rid of scars and they aren't even gone or that much better. That is really saddening. But then there are success stories of people who are doing better...so i suppose you can do better if you fi
  11. You know something guys. I was in a super market the other day and I saw someone with a facial skin condition. I saw somethinga bout it on tv the once (I think sixty Minutes) and his face looked as if there was a purple-ish stain on about more than half of it...extremely noticeable. people everywhere were looking in his direction and trying to hide their staring. I felt truly sympathetic towards him and could only imagine how bad that is. It is true some people have much more severe scarring an
  12. yeah guys, Listen just do the best you can. Half of us here probably are making worse than others. For example I only have it on my right cheek and sometimes I see people here with pics that are really bad and some that have pics that are really not that bad at all in my opinion. So There are others with it all over there face and not mainly there right cheek like me and some tha thave it better than me. Either way someone always has it better or worse. And then some just plain dont have it...
  13. This thread is sad...but I am glad someone started it because it is important to vent and get your emotions out as cliche as that sounds. Now we are all here because of different problems. And everyone in this world has shortcomings, and it is easy for other people to say be happy with what you have, etc and that others have it worse, etc. We all know this...but living a "half-life" can and may be just as bad as let's say not having a leg or other such things. Now we live in a society with im
  14. I am going to seek some more info on dermal grafting and skin grafting in general and try and post actual scientific info if I can find any.
  15. Depends on the severity of them. Mine are bad only on my right cheek. My left cheek is almost flawless in comparison. Some areas of my right cheek don't appear bad in certain lights, and some lights look awful. Then the next bad part is worrying about people talking to me from that perspective, and then thinking I see, or actually seeing people's eyes roam towards that area, and becoming selfconscious. People without them can't sympathize. I suppose life could be worse if you were missing lim