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  1. lol o great, see i knew it.....i guess ill have to wait till 3-4 months to decide whether or not my face will be like this or if i will breakout again.... any other opinions??
  2. Hey guys, remember me? I was the kid on tazorac/clindagel/dynacin(then doryx) for about 6 months. Then i told you i stopped the pills cuz i ran out and nothing happened...then summer hit and my face got really dry cuz of the tazorac. SO, i stopped that also...I stayed on clindagel for a couple weeks, then i figured i mind as well drop the clindagel too so i could finally JUST wash my face like a normal human! SO, here i am now...today is about the 1 month mark of me stopping ALL Rx meds i wa
  3. Hey, im 18, will be nineteen in a couple months..i've had mild acne (like you) since i was about 16. Nothing big, just enough to make me a little self conscious. So i visited the derm , got prescribed some pills and tazorac. I stayed with that for about 6 months. Man was it a roller coaster ride...At 6 months, my face was clear (with occassional breakouts) and it was summer. After a week out in the sun, i had to stop tazorac because it made my face really dry and somewhat red. SO, here i
  4. Hey guys, its me again for those who remember me. I was on tazorac/doryx/clindagel for about the past 6 months. I saw pretty good results with tazorac after month 3. Its now the summer and im in the sun at least 10 hours a week, and my face just got really dry (not so much burnt like everyone says). SO....I STOPPED TAZORAC. AND I STOPPED DORYX. I stopped the pills because i didnt feel like taking any...i stopped taking them about 5 weeks ago (i had a little breakout for a week then my ski
  5. Anyone??? I also broke out a lil on my chest, Are these breakouts normal when you stop taking Doryx? WHen will my skin return to normal?
  6. Ok, so i never went with Dans regimen lol, i was too worried , plus my face was looking clear. For those of you who dont know, i've been on tazorac/clindagel/doryx for the past 5 months or so. My face finally settled down after the 3-4 month mark and its looking good. My question is though...I stopped taking Doryx like 5 days ago. I dont really like the idea of popping pills, plus i didnt really think it was doing anything. I think the tazorac/clindagel would be plenty for my light-mild acne
  7. Ugh im not sure what to do now. I just remembered i have a derm appointment in 5 days. And i also just realized this is the best my face has ever been while on tazorac. Maybe i should ask my derm about this and also mention i dont want to wear SPF in the summer (i have never and never will) so therefore he'll cancel the Rx stuff. Who knows. But i do know when i was on Benzaclin, i never wore SPF and was out in the sun for 10+ hours a week and never got burnt or anything on my face so, i t
  8. Awesome!! Thanks for your reply. I think im going to do this tonight!! Any more opinions welcome
  9. Ive been on tazorac/clindagel/doryx for the past 6 months now. Yea its helped but i still get little breakouts. Plus, i've been told tazorac really increases your chances of sunburn and cancer and whatnot. SO, i want to come off EVERYTHING, all the 3 things. I want to try Dans regimen now. Im pretty sure my face could deal with all the BP because the tazorac was SUPER strong stuff and my face doesnt even need a moisturizer now that im so used to it. But im just sick of the flaking and tiny
  10. Wow, your face looks excellent. Your results really make me wanna drop my current regimen (tazorac, clindagel, doryx) and go on Dans. Last night i tried putting some 2.5% BP on a problem side burn area, and i put tazorac on the rest of my face like i usually do. When i woke up, the side burn spot looked fine, no new breakouts or anything. I just want to come off tazorac because it hasnt made me 100% clear, and because id rather go in the sun with BP than tazorac.
  11. Well well well....after all these people on here telling me that i HAVE TO wear some kind of SPF in the sun while on tazorac....your wrongggg. lol. Today it was about 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.. Oh by the way, ive been on tazorac/doryx/clindagel for the past 5 or 6 months now. The tazorac wasnt actually on my face when i went outside, i had washed with water after i woke up then went outside. SO...i layed out under the bright sun for 1 1/2 straight hours with NO sunscreen, moisturiz
  12. ok i see...yea well my case was mild so maybe thats why my derm gave me the .05?? I understand that the tazorac definetly helps a pimple that has already formed..i just wish it help prevent future pimples from coming. I was on Dynacin for about 3 months, which did nothing. Then i switched to Doryx and am current on that for the past 2 months. So far the Doryx seems to be doing nothing also! Im just wondering what would happen if i stopped taking pills...maybe my face would clear up? who kn
  13. Where did u find out that tazorac .05 isnt for acne? im sure my derm aint that stupid to give me something thats not for acne right?? And, the tazorac has not stopped me from breaking out... i just got home from work and i had 2 new whiteheads (very little, but i still got em!). Nothing ever works for me jeez [-( I want to stop Doryx and Clindagel. For some reason, i think my acne will improve if im just on tazorac ONLY. I dont know?
  14. The first 3 days of tazorac were wonderful. I think my face actually got clearer a little bit. After that, the dryness/redness/flakiness started kicking in. From like week 1 to week 4 was the worst for me. My face got a little redenned (kinda looked like i had a tan) and my face was very very dry. You have to make sure you use a extra gentle face wash (like cetaphil) or else you wont be able to move your face. After about week 4, my face was STARTING to get used to it and those side effect
  15. I got the tazorac cream .05. I think im just gonna stick with tazorac till my next derm appt (may 29). I know i keep changin my mind lol