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  1. i havent let water touch my face for 39 days. then i showered and used a baby brush to get rid of some of the dead skin mask. only some parts of the dead skin peeled off but not the whole mask (some parts not fully healed i guess). but the parts where it did come off, i can see new skin and its not red at all, whereas before it would have been. im seeing progress, but its taking a long ass time. i have to say that going 39 full days without water helped the skin heal. now back to not caring abou
  2. u dont need sunscreen if you follow this regimen as your face will restore its acid mantle
  3. been there done that now i just leave the dead skin on and only scrape off the thick parts that are easy to come off, the rest i just leave it there.
  4. i myself have alot of dead skin. im going to just leave it alone and hope it flakes away some day i know the skin under the dead skin was damaged before and needs healing. good luck.
  5. mat are you back to leaving your face alone for another 35 days? i think im just going to go back to leaving my face alone like you suggested instead of washing/scraping once a week. let me know how its going for you and what your doing.
  6. looks like you tried everything except the most important thing.. leaving your face alone (caveman approach). but this method requires patience and your skin will need time to adjust since you were using all these chemials and cleansers before. your skin needs to heal from all the harsh products you used on your face daily, and in order for that to happen you need to leave your face ALONE!!!
  7. what adam said was true.. whats so mean about it? i dont think he was trying to offend you in any way
  8. This post annoys me A LOT. Another slave to their regimen.. agreed.. and you have to give it time before it works.. because when you just come off using topical and cleansers for years and years, and then try the "do nothing" you face will need time to adjust.. so it may become worse before it gets better. but of course for the majority of people here, when you dont see results fast, we give up and say "it doesnt work"
  9. sorry willow.. i will delete my previous post
  10. not trying to be rude, but looks like nothing is helping. i wish i had some good advice other than eating healthy, being stress free, not caring too much about your skin, seeing the sun on a daily basis for at least 15 minutes, exercising, and the caveman approach. good luck
  11. its healthy but if your sensitive to caffiene, like me, its better to avoid
  12. you dont feel good without meds because of the withdrawal. anyone who takes meds and plans to stop will feel worse. so i understand what you mean. but if meds help, then go for it. as long as you keep praying and trust in God. good luck my sister in Christ edit: bella i recommend reading those daily sermons by david wilkerson. it is realllly helpful
  13. read these daily sermons.. it is very helpful
  14. i just want people who are struggling out there to be filled with hope and peace. i know the majority of the people reading this will reject it and reply with a stubborn attitude (so to those people, please dont respond). but for the people who are open and willing.. God is loving and is the Creator of everything. theres a place for us in heaven who accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.
  15. she just cares for you and wants the best for you. no need to disrespect her. just obey her until you get older and can decide for yourself. for now, if you dont want to drink milk, just tell her
  16. i would just stick with the caveman regimen and just try to eat healthy.. but no need to drink green smoothies everyday
  17. no sweat is good for you.. just leave it on or wipe away with a towel
  18. i love doing nothing to my skin, it seems to get better and better each day. i think my skin got used to doing nothing because its not dry or oily anymore. when i first started this regimen, my face would be ultra dry. you have to give this regimen at least a full month, and not give up after 2-3 weeks. the only problem is when the dead skin gets thick. but when it does, you dont want to irritate it by scraping it off with your fingernails or towel. you have to gently scrape without irritating
  19. probably wont work.. you have to get it fresh from the plant for full benefits. most of its healing properties are lost if its not fresh
  20. hey josh, the reason the why the first time might have not been so successful is because you just came off using topicals and cleansers. the face needs time to adjust so it will get worse before it gets better, as it is facing "topical" withdrawal. so dont give up after a couple weeks. im not sure exactly what day im on but i think im on day 40ish (but i have used aloe vera like 4-5 times in between). now im not going to put ANYTHING on my face. good luck
  21. for me its the caffeine in the chocolate. i would say cut out chocolate and soda
  22. if your just coming off topicals or other products, then your face will be dry when you start this regimen. however, your face will get used to it. my face was dry as well when i first started this. so i put fresh aloe vera and it helped. now i dont put anything at all and its not dry at all. so it takes time and patience. good luck edit: oh and i would avoid washing with even water for the first 35 days
  23. thx for the input mat your right, im not going to put anything on my face including aloe vera. i dont take supplements so i dont have to worry about that, although sometimes i take whole flax seeds mixed in a drink for the omega 3. im still unsure if i should just leave it alone because the longer i have the dead skin on, the more stuck to my face it is and harder it is to get off, which means more irritation. i was thinking about scraping once a week (recommended by adam08 and wapak) because
  24. carmarthenshire the dead skin mask gets stuck to my face and its hard to scrape it with my fingernails. and after i scrape it off, my face is red again.. any tips? when i leave my dead skin on, my face is not red because it covers it. but after like 3 weeks, my face gets real messy because of the dead skin mask buildup so now im going to wash it with water every 2-3 days and scrape it once a week i scraped twice already. once on day 21 and second time 18 days later so you scraped off the ma