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  1. Any updates? Can accutane help syringomas under the eyes?
  2. I'm now very frustrated with my acne. I'm tired of waking up every day or every other day with cystic pimples. It takes forever to get rid of one and when I finally manage to or when it becomes smaller, another pops up. Right now I've a pimple on my cheek, which's so embarrassing, another on my jaw area. It's the first day of school, what a way to introduce myself to people. I'm seeing a Dermatologist next month and want to talk to him/her about going on BP. I think my acne is hormonal. It's def
  3. Are blocked sebaceous glands (tiny bumps) under the eyes related to having very oily skin?
  4. Pretty much what the title says. Is there anything that works for clearing the skin?
  5. I'm using retin a 0.5 right now to clear my acne scars. It hasn't done anytihing. I've used the lowest strength before and saw a difference within a week but then my skin stopped responding to it. I've also used retin a micro, which did nothing for me at all. My skin does not seem to be responding to it.
  6. I've recently started taking chlorella and spirulina powder. It's too early to say if they're doing anything, but will update if I notice anything. Has anyone/is anyone taking either (or both)? Did it help with your acne?
  7. Can anyone recommend any good mattyfing moisturizers with spf, at least spf 30? Thanks.
  8. I've tried taking fish oil pills a few times, but each time it broke me out and when I stopped the pimples stopped coming.
  9. Some of the foods that ALWAYS break me out (and why I stay away from them): Cheese, butter, margarine, peanut butter, peanuts, mayonnaise, sometimes chocolate, french vanilla coffee, etc.
  10. When I had cystic acne, I took a few supplements that were supposed to be good for the skin and they all broke me out even more. I took them at different times, so it wasn't that i too them all at once. I've taken Flaxseed oil capsules....broke me out, Vitamin C...broke me out, Vitamin E...broke me out...Biotin...broke me out. There was a multivitamin that i also took one time and it also broke me out. I thought it probably had to do with the Biotin in it, since Biotin had broken me out in the p
  11. Peanuts break me out, but not the shelled ones you crack. I haven't noticed anything the walnuts and cashews as those are the other two on the list i sometimes eat, but i'll test it out sometime.
  12. From label: Helps maintain healthy skin and immune function Beta-carotene 602 mcg/301/mcg RAE/1005 IU Vitamin A (palmitate) 755 mcg RAE/2500 IU Thiamine (thiamine HCL) 5mg Riboflavin 5mg Niacinamide
  13. Me too. Took fish oil and flaxseed oil because I heard and read they were good for acne. They broke me out badly. But then again, a lot of things break me out as well, like biotin and sometimes vitamin c.