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  1. In the last few weeks I have switched to all SLS-free natural products, except for my face wash. I have mild acne, with a lot of acne scars on my chin area. I am looking for an all natural sls-free cleanser that is mild and won't strip my skin of it's natural oils. I have heard about products such as Kiss my Face's cleanser, Desert Essence, and Burts Bees. I am currently using Purpose Gentle Cleanser and a Neutrogena cleanser on my nose because it's very oily and I have lots of blackheads. Some
  2. I got my first pimple about two years ago and my skin has not been great since. My chin area has lots of pimples, probably due to puberty. I have tried both Purpose Gentle Cleanser and Fragrance Free Neutrogena Liquid Cleanser, both have their pros and cons. Purpose gentle cleanser is not as harsh, but my face seems oily by the end of the day when using this cleanser. With the Neutrogena, my face is oil free and remains dry and not oily throughout the day. Which do you recommend that I stick wit
  3. I had 100% perfectly clear skin a few months ago, and now my face is full of red scars from acne on my chin. I have noticed that after not washing my face and waking up in the morning, the red scars on my chin don't look too bad. But after taking a shower and moisturizing my face the scars look terrible. Why is this? I am using a Neutrogena Original Facial Cleansing bar and Cetaphil moisturizer. I think that I should try switching to a more gentle bar and stop moisturizing my face, because that
  4. I am currently using a Neutrogena Original Daily Cleansing Bar, and while I love the fact that it strips the oil off my face, it's too drying. I have to moisturize a great amount and if I don't my skin gets flaky and itchy. I used to use Cetaphil but my skin stayed oily, so what cleansers will help remove some oil from my skin but not make it too dry? I've heard that Dove makes an effective neutral pH bar. Thanks.
  5. I was using Cetaphil daily facial cleanser for a few years and a few months ago with the same exact regimin i started breaking out on my chin. Because my skin always felt so oily I started using a neutrogena facial cleansing bar about 2 weeks ago. My skin is much less oily but I have been breaking out on my chin. For about a week I tried Dan's regimin but it was too harsh on my skin.
  6. Until the end of this summer, I used to get compliments and never saw more than one pimple every few weeks. For about the last 2 months, I have had acne all over my chin and it is spreading to other areas of my face. I truly believe that this is due to a few factors that have changed in the last 3-4 months or so. FYI I am a 16 year old male, and it really hurts me to know that I had FLAWLESS skin at the beginning of the school year and now it looks terrible. First off, about 3 months ago when la
  7. Thanks for all of the replies. I am going to start trying Dan's schedule, by cleaning with a cleanser, then applying some BP to problem areas, and finally moisturizing. I wish I could find a cleanser for my face that is not cetaphil, because it doesn't seem to do anything for my acne. More tips would be great!!
  8. I started breaking out around my chin area about 6 months ago, when I turned 16. I've been using Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for a few years now, and had fine results until the last 6 months or so. My chin continues to break out, but always has red acne scars on it. I also get some pimples along my hairline, but I don't consider any of them severe. What over the counter treatments could I purchase to help clear up my acne? According to the treatment on this site, I should use Cetaphil then ap