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  1. I had to read that several times before understanding, and it is comparable to using fingernails, only i end up messing up my face . So i think i might try your method. What is a "card protector?" Do you mean like a small plastic case for like SD card? Do you still use this method? Thanks.
  2. Wow, I'm sorry that happened to you. I'm glad you got through it alright though Thanks for the warning.
  3. This might sound crazy, but I've been using a soft-bristled toothbrush lately. It actually works incredibly well without doing damage like the Apricot Scrub did with my skin. I would really not suggest using that product. Also, I sometimes scrub with baking soda and use Apple Cider Vinegar afterward to balance out my skin's pH levels.
  4. Thanks for the reply! I see from your sig that your skin is for the most part clear. I wish SA had been like that for me. While it did help, I still have like.. hundreds of clogged pores! It didn't really reduce the amount of clogged pores as much as make each one less clogged/visible, but they're all mostly still there. If that makes any sense. I'm ordering the GC as soon as I get paid which HOPEFULLY is tomorrow, so as soon as I begin using it, I'll post about it.
  5. My sister is currently using this and has been for about a week. She has moderate acne, comedogenic (I think,) but she has pimples that are kind of inflamed like mine are when I don't use SA (otherwise it's just clogged pores/blackheads/comedones/etc). It's hard to describe. She said she's seen some improvement but I can't tell anything different. Of course, it's not my own face. But, if we see any significant results after a few weeks, I'll try to remember to post them in this thread.
  6. After reading some more, I've decided I'll be trying Green Cream next since my skin is already used to the SA and I'm not sure about the deal with the 5% solution. I'll update this thread in a few weeks or so or maybe create a regimen thread for anyone interested and post how it goes...
  7. I've been using Paula's Choice Salicylic 2% for about 2 months. After about 5 weeks, I saw all the results I was going to get, which while my skin is better than before, is not satisfying. It made my skin a lot smoother, reduced some blackheads/comedogenic pimples, but I still have super super clogged pores/waxy plugs/blackheads everywhere and even some pimples. My question is, what should I do next? I've been looking at 3 different options... Salicylic acid 5%. Has anyone tried using 5% SA fr
  8. What is ACV? I have the same kind of tiny blackheads on my chin which my SA hasn't done anything for.
  9. It doesn't sound dumb at all. Obviously, sugar is bad for you. And gluten in bread is known to cause health problems. It's not good for you, but it's in nearly every mainstream grain products out there... Additionally, hydrogenated oil in a ton of pre-made foods like chips and cereal is not at all good for the skin. Sugar is just so addictive, though. I tried eating absolutely no refined sugar for 2 days. First of all, it was very difficult to find stuff in the house that contained no added s
  10. I have the SAME problems as you when it comes to "blackheads". They're in EVERY pore on my face, and most of them are not black in color, but they're still noticeable and, well, gross. Sadly, I haven't found a way to cure them yet, either... maybe if we keep this thread active someone who has cured this type of comedonal acne can give us some insight.
  11. Same problem here, too. At least you know you're not alone.
  12. I tried doing nothing except using Purpose Cleanser twice daily (no salicylic or any other acne-fighting ingredients in it, just gentleness) for a month, and my comedones became much larger and looked/felt more like inflamed acne, but after going back on salicylic they smoothed out again. However, they're still here, but I just can't feel most of them. During that time, I also had many more comedogenic pimples throughout my entire face, which the salicylic helped to minimize. I wouldn't recommen
  13. I've been using 2% SA for nearly a month now. My type of acne is mainly comedogenic (clogged pores/blackheads on my cheeks/nose area and t-zone/forehead, and some non-inflamed pimples) So far, things I've noticed: -Smoother skin overall (feels great) -I still have and get non-inflamed pimples but SA cut the number of them by like 70% or more. -Some of the sebum plugs came to the surface after about two weeks of use so that I could actually get them out of the pores, however there are still to
  14. OK, thanks so much for the quick reply. And thanks for the info about the retinoids, I must have missed that part. I think I might just try the 2% SA formula first. Thanks!
  15. Hi LionQueen, After reading the huge post about the importance of pH levels in the products you use, I'm a little bit lost as to what to buy now. My current cleanser is Purpose and has too high a pH level, especially since my skin is most likely less acidic than it should be. Can you recommend a cleanser on the market now (preferably able to be bought in stores, but online is okay too) that has an appropriate pH level, like 5.5? Once I get myself a new cleanser, I think I'll try the Salicylic