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  1. Ha, I know how you guys feel. I have to wait until July, 4th to even see the Derm! Damn. It really sucks. And I made the appointment about 2 weeks ago, sheesh. Im considering trying a different derm now =/ I cant wait 2 months!!!! Especially with my skin the way it is now, horrible x 100
  2. Hey Ella, I dont think you are a bad person. Acne is a horrible, horrible thing that happens to good people. I dont really know how to make you feel any better because I basically feel the same way as you, hating people and myself. Its a sad life. Im sorry that there are nice, young people out there like you who are being wasted. Its not fair really. And its something that is so hard to talk about to other people.. Have you gone to see a dermatologist at all? You may aswell. I hope you hang in
  3. Acne has made me so depressed I have wanted to die. Its not really the acne that you can judge its how a person feels about it. Everyone is different. And let me tell you, for some, its a desperate and devastating situation. On the children thing, I have totally thought about how it would be for my kids to inherit my acne and its something that would be so horrible I just wouldnt want to do that to someone. I have already decided never to have children, acne is just part of the reason.
  4. Thanks for the replies, Holly137, I know what you're saying and I tell myself the same thing at times. But I know that if I do try and just go with it I will be so depressed at how ugly I will look, especially compared to other people. I will think about my skin the WHOLE time, not enjoying myself at all. That's just how it will be, no matter how much I "try" to ignore my acne. It will all be faked. And that's depressing. Jonny_5, I actually have finished my Accutane course. Its been about a m
  5. Just posting here because im desperate to share with anyone what im feeling! I am breaking out so badly after finishing my first course of Accutane (its been about a month now). I had cleared up pretty well, not entirely, but I was feeling good. Now its all coming back. Im breaking out in little pimples everywhere like some horrible disease, all over my face, neck, chest and back. Its EVERYWHERE! I cant take it! There's nowhere to hide! I look absolutely hideous. Im SO completely bummed that i
  6. Day 118 on Accutane. Went for my (hopefully) LAST derm appt. yesterday! He seems to think things are going well but has given me an extra months worth of Accutane. Which I am greatful for because I really dont feel completely satisfied yet. I asked him about whether or not I should be going up in doesage but he said he doesnt think its necessary. Im not too worried about it. My skin is very rough looking. I got about 3 or 4 pimples on my cheeks last week. All of those are healing now. That's al
  7. Thanks BorntoRun! Yeah its definitely tons better! I really cant complain. But you know how it is, once you start clearing you sort of cant help but strive for perfection. Well that's how I feel anyway... Maybe not perfection, but really, really great results. One other thing that is a bit annoying is that my face still gets pretty shinny. I dont know if its my moisturizer or maybe my makeup??? I might just try switching for a day or two and see if it helps.
  8. Hey Katushkinz, No idea why but yes ive been on 40mgs the whole time. My Dr just never mentioned anything about a higher doseage.. I will have to mention it at my next appt. Its in a couple weeks. I would be stoked to go on for another month if he saw fit I suppose. Hopefully he is cool about it, he's a pretty cool doctor. Thanks for the advice I have been reading heaps of other blogs and yes, most people do get to that awesome stage by the end of their course. Its just this sinking feeling I
  9. Day 100 So im pretty sure its day 100 today, thats pretty cool. My skin since my last post and over christmas was pretty bad. I got so frustrated with getting new pimples every day, especially on my cheeks. Im not left with big red marks from those because im a horrible picker, dammit. Just since about 2 days ago my skin suddenly stopped breaking out, I have just 1 zit now. Its so weird. Nice, but I really still dont feel like clear at all. Im all red and dotted with marks and scars. My pores
  10. Day 76? My skin has been going through ups and downs (feels like more downs). Im getting fed-up with it. Ive also noticed that my skin looks really rough when the light shines on it. So ugly =( I was hoping the Accutane would smooth me out soon. The pores on my nose are sticking out again and look horrible! I also cannot stop picking at my skin even though I keep telling myself not too. I guess I have the idea in my head that picking will make it go away faster =/ Stupid I know as this only lea
  11. Holy Crap Ben! Your skin looks amazing! Congratulations! Im not there yet, just started my 3rd month.
  12. Day 60 Well! Officially half way through my course. Whoopee =) I went to the derm again today for a check up and everything is fine health wise. My next appt. is Jan 24, which will pretty much be the end of my course, so I cannot wait to see what my skin is like by then! Its also four days before my Birthday, which will hopefully be the best one ive had in a long while. My skin is still breaking out, small and larger spots. The big ones can be quite sore and lumpy even when they have "healed".
  13. Hey thanks alot and same to you. Day 51 Gee time is really flying by. Im almost done with 2 whole months! My skin has been kind of bad lately. Getting a few big zits every week, I mean there's about 8 on my face right now. It keeps changing so fast. My forehead has been pretty good, still clogged up though. My nose is getting another wave of clogged pores that are sticking out. I hate them =/ My back and chest are doing OK, still getting zits but its definitely improving. I have been u
  14. Wow, been a long time between posts, sorry. Day 38! Well, since my last post some things have changed. My face broke out again and has been up and down (mostly down) for the last couple weeks. I have a bad picking habbit so im probably making things worse too. Doh. I have had some sore eyes and conjunctivitis, pig styes, etc. Im assuming its all Accutane related. Other than this, just the usual sore and tired feelings. Some itchy skin. Dandruff. Will update again and hopefully be a little cl
  15. Cool thanks Lauren! I know, 1 month already! It really has gone by fast.. (I was worried when I started that it would feel like forever). I see you're just starting, so all the best to you!! I hope you have an easy time, hang in there