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  1. lol you still got this page brah?

    what you think of entourage?

  2. you should change your name to Jonass

  3. lol, just stopping by?

  4. I've had acne since I was 12-13, I'm now 19. I've been on the regimen for around two-three years now, which keeps me pretty clear, I get small pimples sometimes but they disappear quickly. Anyway, last summer in July I tried using the regimen at night only, and then do absolutely nothing in the morning, and that's how I've been doing it since then. I don't get more pimples now then I did when I were doing the regime twice a day. Maybe i'll try to get off the regimen completely in a couple mon
  5. That I have to go to a party today, which i'm definitely not in the mood for.
  6. I woke up one day with around 20 whiteheads on my chin, and around 10-14 around my nose. That was a bad day.
  7. I have never had acne on my forehead, so that would be the most clear part of my face. But it's my left cheek that is the clearest, only a couple redmarks there, my chin and right cheek is worse.
  8. nothing?... I'm not feeling to hot about doing my Lactic Peels now. :( Well, yeah, skin has improved a little, but not as much as I would've hope for. Today my skin looks pretty good though. Even though redmarks hasn't faded as much as I wanted, ga-peels is still the thing that has improved my skin more than other stuff. Good luck!
  9. Thanks Alex =)

  10. Happy birthday, young man.

  11. happy bday =)

  12. Thank you, I will! =)

  13. Happy DELICIOUS 17th Birthday, my bro!

  14. So, I have done two series of 30% ga-peels now, six peels in each serie, and i'm afraid I can't say my skin is that much better. I guess I'll have to just live with my redmarks, maybe they're gone in fifty years of something.