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  1. jane Iredale Disappear concealer and pressed powder. I used to use makeup that I got over the counter and I switched to Jane Iredale and really liked it....when I switched back one day because I misplaced my good stuff, after I put on the regular makeup that was an over the counter line- I looked in the mirror and literally went "gross"! I never left Jane Idedale again.
  2. use a block overtop not a screen. get something with zinc and titanium. your really not suppost to use any reninoid in the day time because it dramatically increases your risk of skin cancer.
  3. a lot of people have an 8 wk hump to get over and then the results start kicking in. But it can be very individalized.
  4. hydroquinone. You can get a 2% over the counter called AHA lighting gel from DCL productline. If you want something stronger 4% can be obtained by seeing someone at medical spa that can set you up on Obagi Nuderm system that is a line for lightening and evening the complexion and anti-aging. Or your Dermatologist can get you set up on a hydroquinone that you can get from a pharmacy. Tri-luma tends to be pretty popular. peels can help also- you could look into getting yourself a personal esthetic
  5. I would recommend seeing a professional for a consultation. They can look at them and tell you if they need to punch them and close them up (some scars you can do with with) or if it is a filler issue. Juvederm is great. That is what they use at my office. It is made by allergan -the same company that makes botox cosmetic. This will give you immediate results! It may be a bit pricy- but for 6 months- to a year of results makes it worth it to many people. you could then wake up everyday and not h
  6. I work with 4 dermatologist- and they prefer for their patients to ween off the pills and give them specific instruction on how to do it- when the Doc says it's time. Dropping off the meds for your skin can be like dropping off a cliff! acne can come back then , and for some it can be worse. Talk to your Derm about how you should ween off the Doxy when the time comes at your next appointment. IF that doesn't work in the long run for you, understand that some individuals- like the above poster sa
  7. be careful with TCA. we use it at my Derm office- and OMG. you can really injure your skin with it. I am slowly preparing my skin for it with Pre-op facials, and retin A up until 2 wks before the peel. And I wouldn't recommend spot treating. That can make you skin look spotty afterwards because of how TCA works with pigment. your better doing it all over and with a professional applying it that does them on a regular basis.
  8. when you stop using them, do you just stop cold, or ween yourself off?
  9. If your are prone to redness in the skin, and especially is you are sensitive- don't use chemical sunscreens. Only use Physical blocks. I would suggest something that has zinc and titanium (its a 2-way constant protection from the sun because zinc absorbs UV radiation and Titanium reflects it- so your skin doesn't take it all in. ) Chemical sun screens sting, and can cause irritation and redness- not cool. A powder sunscreen may be more comfortable on your skin- and look a lot better so you don'
  10. Jane Iredale, Jane Iredale, Jane Iredale. As an Esthetician- I won't touch anything else. Nothing goes on my skin unless it comes from her line. It is the best mineral line out there hands down. They use the HIGHEST quality ingredients- its made for problematic skin, is light weight and breathable. IT looks natural and feels refreshing and soothing on the skin. It is light reflective to illuminate the skin and make imperfections less noticable. IT is the best to cover redness, to give you immedi
  11. If you are looking for something "makeup"-wise to cover red and even your complexion go with Jane Iredale HE minerals. they are made for problematic skin, have a sunblock in them to protect you, are natural looking, feeling and- light weight. It is made for men! and can be put anywear. I sell it to my male clients at my work. It has a tint in it to mask redness and imperfections and isn't noticable- especially if you finish it with a spray of Jane Iredale Balance spray. It's makeup....but it's n
  12. I found the right guy, the wrong way. he was my ex's (of 3 times) room mate. While the ex was busy not paying a bit pf attention to me, I was having amazing convos with his room mate- now my boyfriend of 3 and a half years. We have been living together for almost all of that time...so the saying is true: if your not the one making your woman feel special- someone else will, and they will do a darn good job of it. lol do what makes you feel free and alive- who cares what the onlookers think.
  13. I use the MT roller from ebay, they are like $16 each and are just as good as the $50 dollar ones ive used(i.e. Dr. Roller). As far as topicals, i use environ essentia-A(before and after rolling), thats what some dermatologists actually use. Ive rolled 3 times so its still too early to give a thorough assessment. I will say i havent experienced any side effects and thats using a 2mm roller pretty aggressively. how does your skin feel after you do a good 'rolling'?
  14. Hi, I have high testosterone levels and realized within the last 3 yrs that that was my big cause of breakouts- Yaz has helped, not just my skin--but other things as well. I was wondering if Aldactone added to my regimen would be more helpful to control my sebaceous activity- yes, I am stilllllll oily! Is anyone on both? anyone on another birth control pill and aldactone? thoughts please.