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  1. I have tried many treatments, including lasers, that don't really work. So far, the only thing that gave me about 20 to 30% improvement is TCA cross which I did a year ago, but gave me a patchy face (which hopefully can be solved by lasers once the final treatment, whatever it is, is over). My next trial is for some dermaroller plus injection of nutrients that hopefully may work. Have made an appointment with Sloane Clinic. Anyone ever tried it with good results? The price is quite reas
  2. I've now 30+ and have acne scars for more than 15 years now. Been to tons of surgeons here who all seem very keen to offer laser cos its low risk for them and high profits, easy to do and quick. I have tried some, and spent thousands of dollars, but does not seem to have any use, so nowadays, I am skeptical of Singapore plastic surgeons. Have any one here met any local plastic surgeons who are actually good, and not overly cautious? I have some problems if I have to go to the US (and see Dr
  3. I see. Will get some pics from my office laptop when I go back to work on Wednesday. Really appreciate your advice. Does Fraxel remove the small icepick scars totally? Or does it simply smoothen the scars a bit? How many sessions did it take before this happens? BTW, by resurfacing, do you mean CO2? I thinking of trying that too. Did you do yours at National Skin Centre or a private clinic? Let me know your experience on CO2. Probably have to take one whole week leave... Thanks for y
  4. I see. So how many Fraxel sessions have you had already? how bad is your scarring btw? Mine's pretty bad. A bit like road map with lots of "roads" criss crossing all over. So after your treatment, how was your face? U went for CO2 too? So far, I went for chemical peels, TCA cross, Cool touch, scar revisions, Erbium, ND Yag etc. Other than TCA, all have no permanent effect. My plastic surgeon now recommending fillers, but i don't like it except as a last resort, so that's y now looking
  5. hey pinky. i am also from singapore and have been contemplating on getting the fraxel laser treatment done.i was wondering which doctor you are consulting with on this procedure. Hey Unidentified I went to Sloane Clinic...they're Asthetic Physicians...basically GPs with a whole bunch of lasers for all kinds of stuff. They're charging S$1,250 (abt US$715) per session. They don't do spot treatments, only whole face. If you sign up for 5 Fraxels, you pay S$5,000 up front, which is like ge