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  1. I used to make iced green tea when my acne was at its worse. I would use probably 5-6 bags and refrigerate the tea to drink throughout the day. I would then take the tea bags, put them in the freezer to get cold (not frozen) and place them on my face. I liked using green tea as a topical more than anything. I haven't taken the pills because they are usually more expensive than a box of green tea bags.
  2. I think so, it may just take longer. Are you using AHA in your regimen?
  3. I've heard using lemon as a toner works well to chemically exfoliate your skin, thus helping to reduce your scarring and redness. I would buy real lemons though, because lemon juice in a bottle may not be as pure. Basically you would want to squeeze the lemon juice on a cotton round and apply it on your face. It will burn, but not horribly.
  4. Before, no doubt! I've been using the regimen for about four years now, and after the second year I started adding new products that I thought would help my face. I use a toner, night cream, eye cream, and serum all before applying BP. I feel like BP should always be on top.
  5. You're really not supposed to use the products after the expiration date. I'd try using them before it comes up.
  6. Er, how much are you applying in the morning? I always only use about a pump, or a half of a pump. At night, however, I load my face up with BP to compensate. Make sure you're using enough moisturizer. I use the AHA and then about two pumps of moisturizer.
  7. Two-Faced's Chocolate Bronzer. Oh. Mah. God. Smells like chocolate and works like a dream. Too bad it's been sold out on Sephora for months now.
  8. That's perfectly normal; your skin is purging right now. You've only been on DKR for a week, it will sort itself out! Trust me.
  9. Me too. Me too. Me too! I've been using DKR + AHA for 4 years. Never an improvement, unfortunately.
  10. This is an acne forum. Yes, people will ask you questions about yourself. Why? They're trying to help....not ostracize you for having acne. Some diets work for acne, some water does inflame acne, stress can effect acne. People are here to suggest different changes to get results. I don't understand your disgust at all really. I've been a member here for four years, and I've never really experienced any of this.
  11. Helllo again, everyone! I've been using the DKR for about, hm...four years now? I love the BP because it really works for the majority of my face. However, I've always had problems with my oily, bumpy nose and it's starting to really annoy the crap out of me. I'll sit in the mirror and attempt to pop all of my nose zits, and they literally come back the next day! I've developed small white heads around the folds of my nose, on my bridge, and almost actually inside my nostril. Obviously the
  12. Heyyyy again So, about two months ago I started getting itchy, scaly red blotches on my face that I originally attributed to my first time using Cetaphil. After they didn't heal after a couple of weeks, I went to my doctor who did a skin scraping and gave me a Staph ointment to apply in the meantime. It turned out that the ointment did help, but the skin scrape came back as negative so I discontinued use. The spots started to come back again and I tried Neosporin to help them heal, which I have
  13. How long had you tried Benzoyl Peroxide for? I've heard it takes quite awhile for some people to get used to it, especially if you aren't familiar with it. As for your current and previous regimen, the one you are currently using seems more practical than your last. Especially considering you were layering so many things on your face at night. I haven't personally tried Retin-A, but after looking at some of the side effects, it's possible you can experience redness, drying, and peeling. My only
  14. Dan's BP and AHA increases your sensitivity to the sunlight. From what I've noticed anyway. You have to wear an SPF on your face or you will get burned. As for the BP increasing dryness, it all depends on your skin type. If you haven't been using BP or you aren't familiar with it, it will take a few weeks for your skin to adjust. If you can't find dryness relief in Dan's moisturizer, definitely look into the Jojoba oil.