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  1. He did kind of let me know I wasn't the best but was nice about it. I just can't seem to do it when the mood isn't right... like when we're just chilling. Should I tell him I only want a peck in those circumstances or would that make it more awkward? Does your boyfriend usually ask to kiss u anyway?
  2. Always been too insecure to have a bf because of acne. Now that I do my inexperience is making me highly embarrassed and insecure and subsequently making me a terrible kisser. The first kiss was fine but now I think about it too much and subsequent kisses gradually deteriorating. The terrible thing is that I had to talk about it with him which makes me more nervous. I'd feel more comfortable with just a kiss on the cheek when leaving... I feel like I'm trying to make out with him every time we k
  3. It's just really hard when I don't let myself get close to anyone, because I just can't understand WHY they would ever like someone who looked like me. I feel like they are being deceived or misled. I also don't allow myself to develop any great feelings for people, because I figure something must also be wrong with them for liking me. Why can't they see that I'm not special and worth their time? I'm also so afraid of being intimate with people, physically or emotionally. I'm always just so self
  4. I know this might be an overdone topic, but I really felt the need to vent about it. I've had some guys show interest in me this year, which is very new to me, and I just don't feel like I'm good enough for them and so push them away. I've never had a boyfriend before, and I have such a lack of self-confidence that I don't understand why anyone would like me. Especially when these are handsome, athletic, and nice skin fellas that have many friends that are girls (I know I'm not just another frie
  5. I loooove swimming but always feel like I look so disgusting. So I wear tank tops all the time while swimming and have to tell people I'm self conscious of my body or get cold easy so they don't make fun... really it's to help cover up my bacne. :/ I also can't wear cool tank tops and it annoys me so much because it gets so hot and humid! I'm not to the point where I don't care and wear them anyway.. even though I have long hair.
  6. What's a product for women 40 years and older doing on an acne thread you wonder? Well I discovered it in my mom's room and decided to give it a try. It felt and smelled amazing and made my skin feel really soft. So I looked online and found a ton of great reviews! Many people use it even for acne and say that it has cleared them up. So I'm trying it out and although it worked nice at first in improving my skin's texture I haven't seen results with acne yet. I put it on only at night and let it
  7. So my very first and last prom is this Friday. I wasn't sure I would be going until this Sunday. I always eat healthy but I want to do a little bit more before prom. I know some of you say your skin will clear up when fasting or cleansing so what type would you recommend? Also I'm in college right now (I know weird that I'm going to prom but long story) so I wouldn't have access to a juicer. What should I do for skincare? I'm thinking about steaming every night but I don't know how I'd do that
  8. I know I just dream of having a body like there's! And hair and face and skin... Sometimes I feel like if you don't look like that your not sexy or hot. Not that I'm aiming at sexy... just pretty.. but still.
  9. Aww I want a boyfriend like that! I've never actually been in a relationship specifically because I've never wanted to because I was so insecure. Now I'm still insecure but want a relationship, just no offers yet. Anyway if I had such an amazing boyfriend I'd still be insecure but feel so much better that he loved me anyway. It's going to take time for that insecurity to go away but just try and stay positive while your working on it.
  10. I have issues with it too even though I'm a girl and thus don't whip my shirt off in public as much lol! But it is annoying when trying to wear tank tops, swimsuits, dresses, or v-necks (if you have chest acne). I seriously don't think I've worn a tank top as an outfit for years. I also hardly ever get to dress up even if my face is looking decent. Because of this I've only been to two school dances, never prom, and left early during the second one. Anyway it's worse in college because its harde
  11. If you go to Sephora can you get free samples on pretty much anything? I'm always embarrassed to walk into makeup stores... Anyway I just want to get a free sample before having to buy the product.
  12. I really don't care, in fact, I almost prefer it because it makes me feel like we can relate better. Plus I won't have to worry so much about him judging my face and whatever. To me it's way more about the personality and you can still tell if your features are attractive even with acne. I've seen lots of girls go out with guys that have acne, but they have to be confident. Now the question is what do guys think of girls with acne? Especially acne free dudes? Probably not as forgiving...
  13. Freshman and just transferred and haven't made any friends. It's really hard because girls don't want to hang out with ugly girls and guys don't want to be seen with them either, even if they have a good personality. Plus all this stressing out and feeling self conscious about washing my face in front of others is making me look worse.
  14. ;)....feel in the blanks