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  1. I hate that, when people who don't suffer acne think that it's your fault if you do. 'Do you eat greasy food? Do you drink coffee? Try eating yoghourt. You need to wash your face' Give us a break.
  2. Yeah my dad would say don't eat chocolate or icecream. But fair enough, those foods cause insulin spikes with the sugar hit, don't most people agree they can cause breakouts? I dunno maybe I'm wrong.
  3. Tupac; I KNOW! It's like watching tv with your parents and then a graphic sex scene comes on. It's excruciating.
  4. Glad to see others share in the weird habits I've developed over the years. You never realise how much of your brainpower you subconsciously devote to acne treatment and prevention. See if anyone matches these more advanced signs you've been on the regimen too long... 21. When you feel pimple starting to form you already know i) what type it will be ii) how big/painful it will be iii) how long it will last because you've noticed you get the exact same pimples in the exact same spots over
  5. You Know You're on the Regimen/Suffer From Acne When.... 1. You own 10 white/offwhite/grey t-shirts shirts and 1 blue. 2. The blue one has a purple collar. 3. You're socially inept at the whole 'kiss on the cheek' greeting thing because you've barely ever done it because the thought of making some poor person kiss your face is outrageous. 4. You've forgotten how to establish eye contact. 5. You've developed a reflex action whereby if someone's hand strays too close to your face you smac