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  1. Sounds extremly interesting. I wonder what i should and should not eat, im B Negative
  2. Please i cant stress this any more. Dont Pop or touch Pimples no matter the pain your in. I had Acne for about a Month then i worked out a cure ( Water!! Lots of it ) Now 5 months later im suffering from Red marks ( Due to popping ) and a few scars ( due to popping a cyst! ) Goodluck!
  3. Vitamin E Oil = No progress as of yet, im on day 28 of 100. Ill get back to you all on day 100 with results. Goodluck everyone
  4. Sounds interesting. Keep us all informed of your progress.
  5. Thanks for the reply's.... Anyways ive had progress with it.
  6. what happens if you pop them ? do the marks last longer ?
  7. I was thinking... When i get some burnt i usually put on Sun Burn creams or gels, and this reduces the redness/burn marks swiftly. Well what would this stuff do to Red marks ? surely it would have the same effect on red marks wont it ? Look forward to reading any reply's
  8. Hey AlKaMiMe, how long did it take before that scar healed ?
  9. Lexy this is totally un-related to your topic. But at the top of your post you said you had acne for 10 years, which would mean scaring would be generally worse because your skin took a beating for such a long period of time. I had acne for about 2 months, does that mean my red marks and scars should be very easy/quick to heal ? There only red cause i use to pierce my pimples(Foolish me, Id have perfect skin if i diddnt do that . Thanks
  10. 15% pure vitamic C serum sounds interesting. I believe Vitamin C is deadly for red marks. Keep us updated with your progress.
  11. Mines a 30ml bottle How long did it take for that Scar to heal AlKaMiMe ?
  12. Invite its called 100% Pure Vitamin E Oil, High Potency. As of now my marks and scars have gotten alittle bit more visable, perhaps this is the start of the healing process ? im about 1/4 through it