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  1. I had a pimple between my eyes and when the actual pimple went away, it left a hard bump under the skin and left a red spot. After 2 months, that hard underground bump was still there, so I decided to try Dan's AHA+. After three days of putting it on at night, it brought the underground pimple to a head and I was able to get a lot out of it. It is still there, but it's half the size and less red. I'm guessing that after another week or so, it will be almost completely gone. Long story shor
  2. Has anyone else had success with Hibiclens for cystic pimples? I rarely get cystic acne, but I got one in between my eyebrows. Benzoyl Peroxide helped somewhat, but it still lingered. Recently, I have tried Hibiclens on the cyst. I originally purchased Hibiclens because it helps with my staph infections. I decided to try it on my face and within just a few days, the pimple has gone down a lot. It's pretty drying, so I wouldn't use it on your entire face, but it's strong antiseptic and antimicrob
  3. First off, I've always had mild to moderate acne. I usually had at least one pimple at all times. I'm most acne prone on my chin. However, I've been acne free for the past few weeks. All I did was change my shaving cream. I've always used shaving creams like Gillette, Edge, etc. I decided to go a little more natural and went to a shaving cream without all those chemicals, which is Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel. This one contains oatmeal which is very calming and it is also noncomeogenic, which Gi
  4. Is it safe to use AHA+ every other night? Here is my current regimen: Cleaner - Basis Cleaner Clean Face Fash Treatment - Acne.org Benzoyl Peroxide Moisturizer - St. Ives Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer (non-comedogenc) Would it be okay to substitute the St. Ives with AHA+ every other night? I know that using it everyday can be irritating, so I'm just wondering. Thanks!
  5. I have ready that Cortisone can help with cystic acne and nodules. So would it be a good idea to wash your face, apply some AHA+ and then some Cortisone cream? I assume AHA+ would be a good idea, since it opens pores (from what I've read). Is my process correct?
  6. I know that tea tree oil helps acne, specifically cystic acne. I have also seen other brands of BP that include tea tree oil. So would adding some drops of it to Dan's BP be beneficial?