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  1. so, can anyone give me any brand name for make up which contains mineral make up ?
  2. Dear Kamstan, it is really so nice to hear four your good results. but i have pitted and rolling scars more than spots.so possibly this product is not true for me.
  3. Hi everyone ! Have you ever heard of this product ? it explains that it can be seen significant improvements in wrinkles and also scars.
  4. Hi all, What do you think about this method ? www.lipostructure.com
  5. I had dermabrasion one and half years ago and after this treatment for two weeks I have to stay in at home and I discovered that board fortunately. My doctor had said to me, I could get %40 improvement but I have no doubt I didnt get any achivement over %10.
  6. Oh Maya, happy birthday my friend !!!!!!!
  7. Healtyspectic, I'm so glad to hear your great results. Have you taken any before and after photos ?
  8. Mederma has been marketed in Europa under the trade name Contractubex.
  9. You are right Maya but as they say it also works for atrophic scars.
  10. Contractubex gel. Is anyone heard or tried this gel ?
  11. Galacticmickey, What type of scars did you have and what pertencage improvement did you see the end of five treatment?
  12. Maya Merry Christmas to you the most wonderful person I know and all the friends who use this board =D>
  13. I had used rose water for a while and it helped to feel softer my skin but didn't help any of scars.