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  1. so I shave my eyebrows with a single blade razor once a week and I alway break out badly there. what can I do to prevent this?
  2. I shave between my eyebrows about once a week and after everytime I get pretty bad acne there. I was just wondering what you guys do for this and how I can prevent this
  3. so ive been doing the regimen for 6 weeks with the proactiv bp lotion. Im using about up to the second line in my finger so about 2/3 of a finger length. I just ordered dan's bp, so i was wondering can i start off with the same amount, or do i have to go through the entire process of a pea sized amount and then ramp it up?
  4. same happened to me worked great for about a year but then suddenly stopped and got really bad. am currently on week 6 of dans regimen but am considering going back to retin a
  5. so i was prescribed retin a .025% about a year ago for my moderate acne and it really kept my acne down, but about 2 months ago for some reason it just stopped working and my acne got really bad. So i stopped using it and tried the regimen with ok results but definitely not the same as my normal condition on retina. Im thinking of going back on the retin a because i have some doubts about why it stopped working. So my theory is the bottle got a puncture about 2-3 months ago, nothing too big but
  6. thanks for the tip. who knew such a simple suggestion would make such a big difference. I guess i never cleaned my glasses since I got them because i only wear them to drive and in class. But for the past week ive washed them once a day and the acne between my eyes is pretty much all gone. thanks for the advice
  7. so overall, my face is pretty clear but the only areas where i do have acne and a lot of it is around my mouth. This includes mainly the corner of my mouth and directly below that area. There are just clusters of very small but many pimples, almost like a rash it seems. But im pretty sure it isnt a rash. And ive been reading some of the other posts and somebody mentioned my toothpaste being the cause? Im using aquafresh toothpaste, the one that stands upright and has the weird bottle. And i gue
  8. i usually work out right before i do my regimen. but by working out do you mean like running playing basketball, etc.? or do you mean like lifting weights. cause ive always found that when i take a break from lifting weights, like for a couple days my skin starts to clear up. but your skin gets clearer when you work out? thats a dilemma ive always wondered about whether excercise and sweat is good or bad for our skin.
  9. id have to agree with the cerave comment. its amazing. ive been on the regimen for 5 weeks now and for the first 4 weeks i had horribly dry skin. people would make comments about it all the time. I was using some eucerin spf lotion and it left white residue and didnt moisturize. But last week I switched to cerave and no more flakes no more dry skin. Yes it is tight still before putting bp but after it feels really nice. You should definitely give it a shot.
  10. So Ive been on the regimen for about 4 weeks. I wear glasses, but I never used to get acne between my eyes where the rubber tips of the glasses lie. Just recently I have been getting acne there and it has been really bad. Does anybody have any tips on how to reduce this. And also, being 4 weeks into the regimen, should I still be having bad breakouts?
  11. So ive been on the regimen for a 3-4 weeks and its been really helping but im still pretty dry, not too much flaking but skin is very tight. Also, when i use my current lotion which is the eucerin 30 spf that was recommended on this sight for the sun protection. It does hydrate but it leaves this white residue that i dont realy like. are there any suggestions for which lotion might not leave this residue while still being effective. Also, I'm using the Proactive Bp, but i am thinking of purchas
  12. is this deal still going on? cause when i just ordered jojoba oil and the kit it didnt deduct anything. it included the shipping in the final cost. or was i supposed to order a specific group of products. please let me know. thanks.
  13. so i was just curious. i have one of those tubes of bp that you get from the doctors that are the soft metal tubes that can bend and be squeezed. However the other day i accidently bent it too much and there is a small opening/hole on the side of the tube. I put plastic wrap over it but it definitely does not seal it completely. But I was just wondering would the constant exposure to the air have any effect on the bp.
  14. so ive been on the regimen for maybe 2-3 weeks and it seems to helping quite a bit. so im using the proactive bp lotion cause thats what i had before and im using the amount of the tip of my index finger to the first line. I was wondering if we really have to use the whole fingers length because that seems like so much. Already im getting really dry. Also i dont really have any on the sides of my face so i dont use bp on the side of my face. so how much should i be at once i get to the full amou
  15. well my acne was under control for a while up until a months ago and i couldnt think of what was the cause of this. but ive been reading some of the other posts and i was wondering if a higher calorie diet could be the cause. starting at about a month ago, i had started to eat significantly more as well as right before i sleep more often and have gained about 10 pounds. Could this increase in food intake as well as eating at night be the cause of my sudden breakouts or is this just a myth?