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  1. i kinda lived like a hermit but even then i still need to be around people i also can really enjoy just being by myself but i find it too lonely if i hardly see or talk to anyone but you gotta do what makes u happy man! you say it feels good? but does it make u really happy you should ask yourself that.. stay strong good luck bro
  2. i think iam the first one that noticed your hidden message "i wish i was dead"
  3. pets are really awesome to have i got a dog myself, she always follows me around when iam at home i found some pic's from when she was a puppy
  4. jay, i feel you! i'm also kind in the same situation where u are i also don't have work right now, and can't even think about working but we both know we gotta have to.. i can live at my fathers house for about 7 months now so i gotta start get a job asap or else ill be homeless too you should try to leave the house more often, i know this can be hard man i also avoided going outside and only went outside when it was dark you life is not pointless i used to think that myself to man this i
  5. it's an example of how shallow some people are no one wants to have acne it's not something we can control so easy on #10 she suggest to do this and this.. it's like we don't try to get rid of our acne she says she's been there wich is hard to believe or she would never had written this down maybe she's just tryin' to be funny or something
  6. Yea, the marks are the most annoying imo.

    but ill just try to let them fade naturally.

    i don't got before/after pics though. but soon i will make some pictures to see the results! ill keep u updated :)

  7. Thats good! :) thank u.

    Thats amazing. The red marks are annoying as listening to George bush but seriously they go away after the next election. lol :) I hope it works out for u! Keep me updated. And do u have any pics of before and after. I took some pics recently im going to put up and some ones before accutane. :)

  8. my eyebrow is pierced but i have that one for so long now even before i even had acne and never had problems with it but i think you can be pierced eventho u have acne right?
  9. i think a lot of people are still hot! ur just judging yourself harder cause of your acne
  10. it's depressing no matter what age you are.. but i think he got a point tho on an older age people expect your past the point getting acne
  11. hey, your not annoying me at all =)

    good to hear ur clear iam also kinda clear myself, even the marks are fading so iam doing pretty good!

    lets just hope things will stay as good as they are

  12. Well thats good, I dont wanna annoy a stranger. :)

    Thank you, and yes I am clear. Luckily. I have one little breakout but you can barely see it. Hows things with you?