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  1. You're not always gonna be able to follow the complete regimen daily. Just do your best...
  2. Right in the middle of the eyebrow. Look like a third eye and also right on the chin! Hate it!
  3. That's the thing with acne medication. They stop working after a while. You need to talk with your Derm and reevaluate more options.
  4. Try Retin-A. I love it! My skin is the best I've seen. You have to be patient with it. The other day my aunt thought I had on foundation and I didn't! Made me feel so good. Also do forget to moisturize!! Good luck!
  5. Anyone ever tried? Does it works? Recommendations? I'm 29 years old a thinking of trying if. I also use Retin-A.
  6. Anyone ever tried? Does it works? Recommendations? I'm 29 years old a thinking of trying if. I also use Retin-A.
  7. Each person will react different to any treatmentbecause everything is not for everybody, but I just started using it about amonth ago and this is the best I've seen my skin. Love the moisturizer!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. [/size]I actually called Vaseline and inquired about this, sounless they do not know about their own products, I am going to take them at theirword.
  9. To each his own I guess. Its working for me. Actually I cant recall when my skin last looked this good.
  10. Not 2 be used on ur face as it is not non-comedogenic and will clog pores.
  11. It stripped my skin because of the awful cleanser with exfoliating beads. My skin was already raw from the BP. It just annoys me that the advertisements almost prey on self-conscious teenagers and convince them that it's going to help them whilst reaffirming the "ACNE IS TERRIBLE!" consensus, you know? Yeah really, and the celebrity testimonials don't help. What works for one might not work for another and vice versa.
  12. I will agree it is very over priced but I get mines from Ebay for far less. But other than that iys working for me now so i'll keep at it.
  13. Yes I have mild acne as well and it seems to be doingthe trick. I don't wanna talk too fast and jinx myself but at this point I likeit especially the green tea moisturizer.