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  1. It's totally worth it. When you're not really doing anything proactive for your acne, it really influences your thought process day by day because it is so unpredictable. I was subconciously thinking that people were looking at my acne and it wouldn't allow me to really engage in a conversation. It sucks because underneath it all I'm a very strong confident person. that side of me is slowly starting to emerge again, but I"m on week 4 and my face still looks a little rough.
  2. yeah bud, my liver enzymes are fine. It's the amount of lipids in my blood that's the issue.
  3. I'm self conscious too, but it really gets bad at first. Your face will feel like it has a hundred ball bearings under it for about 2 weeks then in your 4th week it all begins to dry up
  4. just be prepared for hell for the first 4 weeks, hope you're not too self conscious
  5. well, i just found out I was taken off of it due to a level of 199 mg/dl. Last time I was on accutane 5 years ago, my level was 315 and I smoked and ate unhealthy and still my doctor only told me to change my diet. But 199??!! I wish a could sue this bitch for malpractice or something. My primary care physician even said she was an idiot.
  6. Has anyone else ever had this problem? I was on accutane 5 years ago and it did the same thing, but my old derm this was a known side effect and it wasn't too bad so he kept me on it. Well 5 years and a new derm later, I was taken off accutane after a month of being on it because they're were raised. I don't know how high. She wants me to continue taking the 4 I have left for this month and to get another blood test later this week to see if they're still raised. Well if I continue taking
  7. I don't feel sorry for her one bit. He lesions are self induced from her obvious drug usage. I had impentego when I was a kid. I got it from swimming in the water at an amusemtn park and not showering right after. I apperently was sick for a couple days but antibiotics cleared me right up. So it's caused by filth and it doesn't surprise me one bit that she has it.
  8. Don't mind ***, he's not stupid just misinformed. You may be right about that correlation but I have another take on it. I quit smoking about 1.5 months ago and about a week later my face started breaking out horribly. I always had persistant mild/moderate acne but when I quit smoking it quickly turned to severe. My cousin also used to have persistant moderate acne, then around 18 he started smoking and his acne went away. Here's my take on what's happening. As we all know smoking lowe
  9. i decided to friend u cause u thought i was pretty. =]

  10. not that you're not pretty now, but you'll be beautiful when you're older
  11. Well atleast your derm had the compassion to put you back on it if you got moon acne. Mine was at that point and my derm told me to just stick it out. WTF a few days on prednisone isn't gonna kill me. Luckily I had 9 10mg pills and it worked wonders. I looked presentable today at my convetinion. But I know it will be shortlived and my face will explode in the next couple of days
  12. I'm currently on day 16 of accutane, I think the worst of the initial breakout is over. It was hell though and it still is. I still have cysts all over my face, they're just not AS bad as they were 1 week ago. I have a conference on Monday and want to be somewhat presentable so I got a hold of 8 10mg prednisone. Is anyone breaking out really bad once they run out?
  13. Costs me 15/mnth for Sotret (generic accutane)
  14. It means your immune system is working. Which is a good thing for you health and a bad thing for your appearance. Just go on accutane and be done with it, in the end you'll be happy you did.