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  1. Yeah, my little sister inherited my Mom's flawlessly beautiful skin so I get a bit envious.....but then I remind myself that I lucked up and got my mom's kick ass figure, and she wasn't so lucky in that department
  2. Very expensive the toner was really harsh and it did nothing for my acne. The yellow mostiruriser works pretty well though.
  3. I see a lot of bad reviews on here for Murad but it has worked wonders for me. It's the only thing that has worked after trying every thing under the sun to include proactive. I use all the products together and I even began taking the skin clearing supplements they make. I picked the kit up from Sephora to and didn't think it would work, but it has and I'm so glad I took the chance to try it
  4. I know that's right I've been looking for a good mask to sleep in because my skin gets really oily at night, I'm about to go to the link and check this stuff out now. Thanks
  5. Cetaphyl is a good soap but it's not good for acne prone skin and does basically nothing for or to prevent pimples. You should stick to a cleaser with acne fighting ingredients in it.
  6. I bought the entire line of acne stuff they had and it did absolutley nothing for me. But I have severe acne so maybe if it's not that bad it will work.
  7. Just like one of the posters above I live by clean and clear wipes and I have a bottle of Biore triple action astringent on my desk at work. So I use it throughout the day when my face feels oily, that along with the wipes gets me through the day pretty much oil free. After hearing a few people tald about this tree oil I think I may want to try it....I'm in Iraq so I have to find a place that would ship it out here to me!
  8. Yeah, rite aid has it and it actually works pretty well for me. I sleep with it on!
  9. I use the vitamins for murad and they seem to be helping out but it's still to soon to tell......
  10. Yeah, excess oil is my biggest problem so I'll be waiting to see if this product works. It would be awesome if it does because I shop at Sephora all the time. I'm using Murad now and it works well but it doesn't clear up all the oil my face produces throughout the day. I go through half a pack of clean and clear oil absorbing sheets a day and it's really getting old!!!
  11. Gosh, I can't believe all these bad expieriences people have had with Murad. I've been using it twice a day for almost 3 months and my skin has done a complete turnaround. I guess I just got blessed because most of the reviews on this site are negative for it but it's the only thing that worked for me!!
  12. I was just recomending those to someone else on this forum. I live by those things and never leave home without them they have worked wonders for controlling the oil on my face. I've tried the proactive ones and the Mary Kay as well and neither of them does as well as the clean&clear. Plus they are easy to get as they sell them at wallmart and every other store like it.
  13. Yeah I had the same issue when I started to break out. Clean&Clear Oil absorbing sheets have worked wonders for me and I don't leave home without them
  14. I also used the 3 step system and it did absolutley nothing and was very expensive. The astringent you use with it burns the hell out of you're skin as well. It worked great for my skin befor I had acne but when I had my first break out at 25 it did nothing for me