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  1. The acne cream part is optional. I don't do it how is it optional if the original 1st post says "do not forget this step." Sometimes it doesnt' make sense to ask "is it ok if I use this instead of what you use?" because she has NEVER tried it. I recommend if you try a regime that works for someone, try it 100% exact, to see if that works for you. Substituting things adds so many more variables.
  2. Vernacular Skin Works: Very Gentle Cleanser www.vernacularskinworks.com a super gentle cleaner, gauge the amount you use by the dryness of your face 20 minutes after washing. I've been using it for the last 3 months and even though I still break out, I really like the cleanser, and you can tell it is absolutely non-irritating. It's also excludes any type of soap, sulfate, or fragrance. good luck
  3. I had to reply to this thread. I had a whole paragraph written about the FDA, but after going to the bathroom, I was able to clear my mind and just not bother to post non-productive and argumentative ranting about the good ol' FDA, haha. I'm not concerned about BP causing cancer. It may or may not, hopefully we can see a study 20 years from now to prove whether or not it does. On the other hand, I'm EXTREMELY concerned about the dependency on BP, especially for those with mild to moderate acn
  4. I'll be as objective as possible with my post. I've only browsed through this thread, but I just wanted to give my personal experince with the Regimen and bp (Neutrogena, before bp gel was out). My skin dried up, plain and simple. I used moisturizer and completly followed the video version of the regimen. Within a week or two I noticed the same wrinkles that other people are posting about. They were never there before. Only with a slight strain in my facial expression, wrinkles, which looked m
  5. You guys make a good point that asking what other people with clear skin use may be pointless. It's just my friends are a diverse group, with different nationalities, facial types, and lifestyles. They're my very close friends, and they've never really had a problem. I, on the other hand, have pretty sensitive skin, I'm used to be anal about my skin (not anymore, it's not worth the worry), and I find myself switching from product to product (don't we all?) I think the key right now is to NOT
  6. Uhh.. didn't you ever learn anything about genes? Just because your parents don't have it, or your grandpa, or you grandma's baby mama either, doesn't mean you won't get it. Your parents could have had whatever gene that causes acne masked, and then passed it on to you, where it showed up because nothing masked it. Sorry, but it just doesn't work the way you say it does. if it's heriditary, then is my post about my family history on both sides just for nothing? I doubt it. Hmm... ←
  7. thank you for your reply. I have already told myself to stick with certain regimens for at least 1 full month before moving on to the next. I think I've been pretty good with it so far, but its tough when there's an "initial" breakout or something. i.e. I did Botchla's regimen for about 2 months, my face was absolutely clear, until one day, I was working in machine shop and we had to put on the class masks which touch your forehead. From then on, I started getting forehead acne again (coincide
  8. if it's heriditary, then is my post about my family history on both sides just for nothing? I doubt it.
  9. I'm very passionate about this topic because my whole family, on both sides, both adults and children, DO NOT have acne. Me and my sis are pretty much the only ones, and we both used to use BP for a while (haven't use it in over 6 months) but we both break out, I do more so than her. And I really doubt the reason is "we just got screwed with bad skin." We both don't have bad skin at all, but for me, it is getting a bit worse with very minor scarring that I noticed. Im off of any medicated washe
  10. I think this is a different approach to finding another possible solution which may not work for everyone, but may work for those who believe their "medicated" products are actually the main cause of their acne breakouts. So please, ask friends, family, and whoever you are comfortable asking what products they use on a daily basis. For a person I know who has never had a problem, he's always just spalshed his face with water, and that's all (i.e. water-only method). His sibling, on the other h
  11. I'm quoting myself here, since I feel my simple findings can be useful and explanitory to why "Water only regimine" works for many people.
  12. jan carlo, I know you've done research but I've also done some research over the last few days. I agree with the water regimen, but only because I believe that pH balance is the key to clearr and healthy skin for 80% of us. Think about it, water in general, is very close to 7, + or - 1 level of pH. Most soaps, and even "gentle" cleansers have a pH of 9 and above. That is too alkaline for our skin, since our skin is actaully slightly acid at a pH of 4-6. Why do you think ACV works for many peo