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  1. Use jojoba oil-it's the very best moisturizer. Makes dry, flaky skin disappear and usually lasts all day
  2. The isotretinoin is lipophilic and needs fat in order to dissolve and be absorbed into the body. Since that you wouldn't be consuming any fat (just carbohydrates) on the cleanse, the pills would be doing nothing for you. Don't do it if you want the medication to work.
  3. I've been on accutane a few days more than three weeks and just had a follow up derm appointment. She asked what I had been moisturizing with and when I told her jojoba oil she's like "that's an oil it's just going to clog your pores and make more acne." Obviously I had been weary of putting oil on my face to begin with but after reading a lot about it online I realized it wasn't comedogenic and it wasn't even a true oil. More importantly, it has been working great. Has any one else's derm comme
  4. Jojoba oil is awesome and it doesn't clog pores. It's the only thing that makes my skin feel normal while on accutane
  5. I've been on it for about two weeks and it seems to be clearing up, I hope it lasts. What happened after 18 mo?
  6. I'm currently on 40 mg isotretinoin for moderate but persistant acne (cystic acne cleared up by first course of isotretinoin four years ago). Can anyone speak from experience about how isotretinoin affected moderate acne. Was there an IB? Do you think it took less time to see results because the the acne wasn't as severe to begin with?
  7. Hi- I started taking 40 mg isotretinoin exactly one week ago and my face is already very dry. I knew dryness was to be expected but I thought it would take a bit longer for it to have that kind of effect. Has this happened to anyone else? This is my second course of isotretinoin. My first course was four years ago so I don't remember when the dryness started.