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  1. You shouldn't do that number 1, and number 2 good thing you stayed on it for 3 weeks or under. I had the WORST breakout of my entire life in the end of my 3rd week on it. It was absolutley horrid, I dreaded going outside.
  2. Guys, I got of accutane in June (6 months ago) and my face is broken out pretty constantly right now. Im sick of this all over again. What I want to know is: A. I know that with a second treatment, I should (hopefully) be cured much better than I am now....but are the side effects going to be the same intensity/duration of the first time? Am I going to get the "three week" breakout again, where my face gets bad, bad, worse, holy crap terrible, and then better? Are my lips going to feel like th
  3. first off, thanks for caring. second off, i have HMO BLUE SHIELDS OF AMERICA, wil this cover it? i sure hope so cuz it costed me an arm and a leg to try that GEMINI laserscope that didn't work well, can i use benzol peroxide on accutane? wat kinda mask u guys use? wow so many question, thanks for ur time. ← Umm, i'm not sure about your health insurance scheme as i don't live in the US. In terms of what products you should use while on tane, i've found that the best plan of action is to keep
  4. Are you KIDDING ME!? I spent 5 months on accutane working around my dry chapped skin and horrible outbreaks. I spent the last 2 months LOVING my perfectly clear skin. Something is changing. I am noticing more little tiny whiteheads on my face again. I thought it was because I was shaving wrong. ERRRR wrong. My acne is coming back. Damnit, you cannot be serious. Not only on my face, either. My back AND my chest are getting full of little whiteheads again. No problem, I told myself...they are l
  5. Well guys, it's been three months since I last updated. In all honesty, nothing has changed. I never got another breakout since my last one, and I have spent the better part of 3 months completely clear. The only time I had red marks on my face (happened once or twice, just little guys you couldnt notice) was when I started squeezing at what I thought were pimples in the making. They turn out to be not pimples and I was left with small red marks that lasted a long time. I haven't have a real
  6. Hows it going everyone. Been about 2 weeks since I last updated. Seems like my skin is stuck in a " rut ". It won't completely clear up, but it isn't getting any worse any more. My skin is pretty good, and if there is ONE THING I HAVE LEARNED.... it is, DO NOT TRY TO POP ZITS ON ACCUTANE. It only makes it worse. My derm has me on antired/inflammitory meds now, too, so I wait until the zit comes to a white head to squeeze it now. Even the bigest ones, you can't tell, since the anti-red, and no
  7. Well, fucking shit. My wonderful clear time didn't last. Damn you accutane, how many breakouts do I need to have here? My derm is a bit special and didn't prescribe me enough pills (DAMNIT) so I am out until Thursday (today and tomorrow). I swear to god if I get another inital breakout im going to gouge her eyes out. My lips keep going trough this cycle: dry-chapped-skin falling off-good. Also, I went tanning *yeah, im a guy* and i hope I didn't burn myself. I refuse respectfully to post p
  8. Ohh and I almost forgot. I have a metric ton of blackheads on my nose. This wasn't EVER a problem while I wasn't on accutane.