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  1. Hi. Im pretty sure I have rosacea (=significant flushing on a daily base which can last for 1-2hours, pimples, redness, reoccuring tiny blisters and seb derm) but I do have lots of acne residues (scars!, redmarks) too. Now both conditions seem to interfere with each other, is it possible to have scar treatment without aggravating the rosacea too much? does rosacea deplete healing properties of the skin? The flushing is really bad, it was induced or at least intensified by a course of accutane
  2. Thanks a lot! I appreciate it btw, I do have a scar covering bump or bump scar too - its small, always red (even in the morning) and didnt change in the last 5months (since noticing it) - i believe its my only raised scar!
  3. just wanted to drop in and wish you good luck! (:
  4. Yup, it was invented by aussies!(: I have found two places who offer it but there sure are more. I dont know which laser they use in order to prepare the skin, seems like its either fractional ablative CO2 or Erbium, traditional fully ablative CO2 or dermabrasion. Im from Germany btw! there are so many treatments out there - I really dont know which would work best for me but I have a treatment plan(; going to start with 1-2 mild chemical peels in order to improve overall look of my skin, esp
  5. Ya you can see them better in the pic you provided, but again I don't even think I would notice if I saw her in real life. She has like 1, and the other two look like enlarged pores. Britney Spears has more acne scars than her, and a good half inch vertical scar on her right cheek, and like a 5 inch scar on her left knee, and a c section scar. Sorry I'm a big Britney fan. Oh and Brad pitt had really bad acne scarring, but while he was married to jen aniston, i'm convinced he had work done.
  6. yeah david do you have a website? *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules that you agreed to when you signed up here. * maybe this one? yeah this looks like the one. davin is under the staff section. im suprised he says they offer the treatments they do. their cosmetic dermotology section of the site lists them as only doing peels, IPL, red and blue light therapy and there doesnt appear to be the use of excision, subcision or laser anywhere. perhaps its listed elsewher
  7. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm..._performing.jpg she seems to have a few...
  8. yeah david do you have a website? *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules that you agreed to when you signed up here. * maybe this one?
  9. I agree - accutane doesnt remove scars (I also thought/hoped it maaaaybe would bec of the peeling/flaking but it really didnt)
  10. i was going to say that one prolly cant have treatments following silicone injections - thats why i have my reservations, i also find it scary bec once its done it cant be removed (in contrast to implants etc) but waiting (for some collagen build up to occur and ur skin to recover) is a good idea - then u might try temporary fillers first! (:
  11. Hi marinera, I think there's definitely been some improvement (not only in colour) - however the 2weeksafter2ndtreatment picture of left side is a little discouraging to me... I wouldnt try silicone injections bec they're not to be combined with other treatments afterwards - but thats just my opinion! Take care!
  12. Ziko, thanks for your comment! I know my scarring is anything but severe but this doesnt change the way i feel about it. Im sad and i really want to try to improve it but at the same time im afraid of possible damage as i find it hard to evaluate my personal risk given the fact that im a former accutane user, regularly taking steroid hormones (in order to keep my cystic acne in check) etc... im gonna have my first microdermabrasion session on march15 and i think i will stick with that and chem
  13. do you mean jessner? i was recommended a medium deep jessner peel few months ago....