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  1. yeah plus is she still smoking??...like was she smoking during the time right before she knew she was pregnant...anyways good luck for mr and mrs spears , cant wait for the reality show
  2. THANKS it arrived thursday in the mail!, from now on ill do it this way lol, and so far im happy with the results!, thanks so much dan
  3. I contacted them like you said and basically they said the same thing you have..in my dorm for packages we collect them in a mail room and they are signed for meaning there are records if I happen to get a package, so far on my written records this year I have not received any packages...so again what should i do now??...i really need the bp gel so i can stop using this neutrogena lol
  4. i Ordered BP gel back in december 30th, and ITS STILL NOT HERE YET...i live in a college dorm, is that the problem...i am waiting for the gel and am getting frustrated that it still hasnt arrived yet and yet there is still a charge on my card!
  5. oh imma dunce, i thought she was talking about the petroleum jelly*yeah i should read posts beyond the title*cause THAT STUFF IS AWFUL....as stated above i think THE LOTION is ok, but im still wary if the lotion has mineral oil in it
  6. imma girl...but it doesnt make ya look like ya have makeup on...my brother also had acne before he went on his treatment and he used it for his oiliness... and pika, yes i know a cream wont get rid of all your oiliness but this helped GREATLY reduce it for me,i still have oil on my nose a bit but its much better than before ...plus since it was from neutrogena i decided to give it a shot along with the cleanser...but me and my brother are only 2 instances, it may work differently for others ya
  7. oh my god i had the same thing this august...mine disappeared though when i did this... i used pure black soap to wash the area then i applied a dab of pure shea butter to the area...its unique because ya only need a dab for like the whole face and it melts with your body temp...i got em from nasabb.com plus it was hecka cheap to get that itchiness away....but yeah if ya dont get the soap PLEASE get the shea butter and only use a SMIDGEN like the amount of half of a pinhead...i think mine had to
  8. NO DONT USE VASELINE, vaseline has mineral oil, which is the leading cause of breakouts!!mineral oil basically clogs your pores and stays on your skin like a layer not allowing your skin to breathe naturally ...i would suggest pure shea butter instead or another over the counter mosturizer especially designed for the face
  9. i have oily skin to, also HEY IM 19! what i have been using is neutrogena's pore refining line..cleanser,moisturizer, toner, etc...but the thing that REALLY helps is the pore mattifying cream.....it comes in a lil tube,l you can even look on neutrogena.com for it if ya cant find it in croatia or something...basically its like the oil absorbing sheets, but ya smooth it on your face, and your face becomes matte....i didnt really get any oil till REALLY late that night and it was only on the tip of
  10. yeah do it before, because when ya put the bp over the popped pimple, because for me, it helps to close the opening of the pimple faster....plus you are putting the benzoyl INSIDE THE pimple ya just popped instead to help promote healing faster...mine usually are gone the next day
  11. hey WE are near acne twins,you have moderate acne though except i have about 5 cystic pimples on both of my cheeks....yeah you should really try the regimen, because my acne is like yours...and the lil pimples have REALLY cleared up, ive been on it since early december though, still hoping itll clear up the cysts...but *crossing fingers*
  12. awwww ya look so cute!...but sadly i wont be partying this year, gotta rest up to go to washington DC at 6 am new years day...booooo...i so wanted some bubbly to!
  13. yeah for me even before tsuanami, 9-11 brought it home for me....like that was a time my acne was THE WORST...but right after that i just started enjoying life, even though i still have worries about myself....life is just WAY too short....
  14. Im an african american college student...and i think ive got everyone beat, ive had acne ever since the later part of my second grade year....it started out as a pimple on my nose that just would not go away then it spread all over my forehead like a huge patch of pimples by the later part of third grade.....i couldnt go to a dermatologist because my mom could not afford it, and during that time iand STILL TO THIS DAY, insurance companies made you pay out of pocket because they only considered i