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  1. hi i have some questions for anyone who has taken this how long till u have seen an improvement? is their an inital breakout? i got 4 months on this sucker, is this enuff thank u in advance -alan
  2. Cmon guys Im going to my doctor in an hour and I need to know if Retina a is effective for red marks and evening out my skin color. Is their a problem if i have active acne and I use it? Please answer these questions, Thanks
  3. what helps with red marks and scars and active acne? i heard retina a is bad but what else do i have to choose from? i have icepick scars
  4. Can anyone post links of studies that suggest how much water we should consume to help with skin?
  5. Wash with Sa for about two minutes, then apply a layer of 10% Bp, wait twenty minutes, apply again. The Sa will unclog the pores and the Bp will kill the bacteria.
  6. Were asking, when is the best time to use the vinegar if we are using Botchla's Regimen, before or after what?
  7. Good luck with Accutane, it works wonders for people.
  8. I don't know which you hate worse, acne or redmarks, personally for me its redmarks so I apply alot of that Vita-K in return I get like one or two blackheads.
  9. It's clearer! It's cool, same feeling, I hope it was worth the extra buck.
  10. This is it. http://vitaksolution.com/Vita-K-Solution-B...kin.htm#blotchy
  11. I bought it at Wal-Greens, it should work. I don't think it did, I got a little extra blackheads but it wasn't like I totally broke out and it may not have been the Vita-K's fault. Good luck.