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  1. Steve - Thank you so much for your reply. You gave me very helpful info. Even though I had acne for a while, I am finally trying to do something about it and I am really trying to stick to this. I appreciate you sharing your experience with me and advice. I took a break with the meds until my skin calmed down....tommrow I will use only the slightest bit and do what you said. Thank You.
  2. gripes guys....i just tried to start my prescriptions....benzaclin at day and retina micro at night.... but my face got soooo red and burned just from my 1st application of benzaclin.... i know retin-a micro says a pea-size amount. and that it takes time for my skin to get used to these medicines. but im gonna skip the retin-a tonight due to the fact my face is so red and burned. please help....im thinking i put too much on. im wondering (if anyone else knows) 1) how much benzaclin d
  3. CJ's Regimen: ~Wash face with Equate ~Apply Benza Clin in the morning ~Apply Olay Complete Moisture Lotion SPF 15 in the morning/day ~Apply Retin-A Micro at night ~Apply Equate Moisturizing Lotion at night I'm 20 years old, a female and have (finally!) mild acne. I had HORRIBLE acne in high school and it seemed to calmed down considerably. I tried many things and hope this works. Day #1: It was horrible. Okay, so I washed my face, applied the Benza Clin and then Olay Complete. Al
  4. yea - just my experience. the mint julep mask is relaxin and made my skin soft. but didnt do anything for my pimples. they just seemed irritated and my skin felt weird - like residual. i used this as a mask tho not as spot treatment. so maybe that is why - it may have just been to much for my skin.
  5. i wanna ask this is cuz maybe someone tried both but...what is better (gentler)....Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser or the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I am on Benzacline and Retin-A. Also....what is a good moisturizer.....would you go with the Cetaphil, Neutragine w/ SPF, or any other?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  6. Hi. i just received a perscription for Benzaclin and Retin A Micro 0.1%. My question is if anyone else is also using these two, how are they? Also, I am wondering when to use them...I think I remember my dermatologist saying to use the Benzaclin in the morning and the Retin A Micro at night. I am just wondering if this is correct?
  7. i am interested in emu oil. i was looking on the internet about it. however i am curious as to ...how can i obtain products which contains this. also , is it by any chance in any over-the-counter products??? thanx...
  8. i dunno. i mean sure it looks and feels kewl and all. and i love that it is cheap but seriously i dont think it does anything. it irritates and makes my skin redder and afterwards all i feel is like a film is on my face still and no real difference in complexion, its nice for theraputic purposes thp
  9. it made my face red and irritated....they really made it too harsh...
  10. hey i know....a little bp and my face felt like i stuck it in a pot of boiling water...even a couple days i stopped applying... my face feels like complete crap
  11. wow...kewl...thanx for the response...so far so good....my face is a bit burny and red....but hopefully this will work. i feel it working which i like. and my current zits are going down! weeeee!
  12. these may seem like silly questions but i just started the regimen tonight so #1 - do you only moistorize in the morning? and #2 - does the moisturizor in any way hinder or dilute the BP?
  13. i bought that mint mask and it feels ok ...but it didnt do anything for me...i think i just looked the same if not a bit more red ... so i dont know , i never tried it on my face overnight but still...it seemed to irritate my face a bit
  14. thanx i just bought some BP. gonna start small...then i guess ill see...thanx. i do remember once using BP only cuz it was in a wash i was using...Clean and Clear i believe...it worked well...but quite drying...so ill be sure to use moisturizer and a limited amount at first...i hope this works cuz the SA is irritating me
  15. sometimes i think all this acne-selling-bullcrap-companies dont give a damn about us getting better. they probably only have one thing in mind: getting us to keep buying their crap like for instance i see Sat. Acis everywhere but hardly any BP...what gives? and why a 5 step regimen etc. etc. i have done so many shitty things from pills, creams, washes, i just feel like throwing in the towel and living with my gross face. cheerio.